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Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Birthday Car (but it's not for me) ...

... for my birthday, instead of the video iPod that they had promised me, my parents gave me fifty dollars and warm wishes, the money I quickly spent on gas getting back home from Phoenix.

In other news, my older brother, whose birthjday isn't until October, is visiting my parents for two weeks. And they're buying him a car.

Which will probably end up costing well over five video iPods.

Oh well. That's my family. And that's perfectly representative of how they've been treating me and my older brother for almost twenty nine years. It's due to my parents being hardcore traditional mexicans. My brother carries on my father's name and I'm kinda the throw away one. So the fact that I am married with two kids and a great job means nothing. Hence my iPod-less birthday and Joe's new car.

Whatever. I'm used to it after almost thirty years of this. Besides, I want a 4 gig iPod Nano now.

I tried to find the most awesomely horrible and completely random birthday picture I could find on google images. Hence Joey, the birthday boy. Here are a few more I was going to use ...

In retrospect, I should have used the birthday cat.

My twenty ninth birthday is on March 22nd. Happy birthday to me.

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jessecoombs said...

Hey, Jesse here. Anyways, Happy birthday and all that. Michael is letting me borrow his 4 gig nano right now, but I'm sure he'd sell it to you for a decent price. You could even have the added bonus of my crappy music on there!

Oh, and your parents probably think that you can take care of yourself now that you're a family man. Of course I don't know them at all, so I may be wrong.