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Friday, April 14, 2006

Me and Marisa - State Fair 2005 ...

... I got this picture taken in front of the main gate of the California State Fair. I went with Marisa, a beautiful woman near and dear to my heart who I have recently been missing the shit out of, what with her being the reigning Queen of Receiving and me being a father of two. Marisa reminds me a lot of my friend Kendra from Arizona in that they were and are both my cute little crushes. Kendra was my dry heat Arizona crush in the same way that Marisa is my state fair crush.

God I miss Kendra ... hugging her, holding her, drinking with her, hanging out at Bennigan's with her, eating at that one deli we always used to go to with her and going to see Wesley Willis (Wood rest his soul) with her in oh-two. She was the woman in Arizona that I loved the most and yet I KNEW that I could and would never ever have her or date her. And I was ok with that. I miss the shit out of her and wish she could see my two wonderful daughters and meet my amazing wife. She was my Kendra. And Marisa is my Marisa.

For almost an entire year, the state fair photo people have been relentlessly sending me e-mails of this photo. I thought that I'd get a few e-mails a month for about two to three months. But the fair was in August/September and I just got a letter saying that I can get a picture of me and Marisa on an easter basket. They're hardcore, these photo people.

There are a few things that are horribly wrong with this photo ...

- the photo is hideously uncentered

- the photo is almost pitch black

- Marisa and Emerald are doing the exact same face in some very strange, freaky sort of way

Still, I love this photo. And I loved going to the fair with Marisa and Emerald. When we would walk down the midway games, the carnies would try to get our attention by calling us mom and dad. They thought Marisa and I were married and our blonde haired, blue eyed daughter was ours.

That's awesome.


Anonymous said...

The first time I really got worried about you guys moving was when I was passing Cal Expo on my way to work and all of a sudden I thought, "Who the hell is going to go to the fair with me this year?"

True story.

Reverend Steve said...

I love you, Marisa.

That being said, can I do that lotion thing again this year?