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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fifty Mile Couch (reprise) ...

... I don't like being alone. I especially don't like it when Natasha goes out and I stay home alone, like tonight. But, sadly, it's necessary. We're so broke that I'll actually agree to stay a few random nights alone while my wife goes out and makes some money. I don't want to, but I have to. Biting the bullet. That's just how it's got to be. It's hard, you know? It's just hard. I don't do alone too well.

Plus I've been really frustrated at work lately. I've been working my ass off doing two to three people's jobs because the employees that are supposed to be mine keep ending up everybody else's but mine. So I'm left essentially all alone to cover their job as well as mine. I think I have an ulcer now. It popped up sometime today at work. It's like a small yappy dog is biting my left side. Yay me!

You want to know how rough I've had it lately?



Yeah. That's when you know that I'm doing rough, when I shave. Sure I'll think up some smart ass answer as to why I shaved, like I offered my facial hair as a sacrifice to the god of hives or something like that, but that's all bullshit. I shave when I'm depressed, usually.

It's on nights like this that my 1gig iPod shuffle can read my mind ...

Marti Webb: Tell Me On a Sunday

Beatles: And I Love Her

Gnarls Barkley: Just a Thought

Beck: Do You Realize (Flaming Lips)

Pink Floyd: Mother

Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity

Raconteurs: Together

Greg Kihn Band: The Break-Up Song

Tears for Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

The Kooks: Crazy (live Gnarls Barkley cover)

Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever

Madonna: Live to Tell

REM: The Great Beyond

The Format: 1,000 Umbrellas

Aggro 1: Falling Away In The Wind (Kansas VS Korn)

Bobby Womach: Across 110th Street

John Lennon: God

The Eels: Going to Your Funeral (part one)

Weezer: Island in the Sun

... and it is on nights when I find myself alone, nights like this one right here, when something truly magical happens at my house. You see, whenever Natasha goes out and I'm all alone at home our couch magically transforms from a small shitty little couch into a big, lonely, fifty mile long couch. Suddenly I am all alone on a couch that stretches out fifty miles long in every direction. I sit there, drink my pints of Labatt Blue, listen to my psychic iPod, and watch the same DVDs over and over again.

And believe me when I say that in the last few years, I have had many a night sitting here on the fifty mile couch.

I guess that tonight is different from all those long, heartbreaking nights back in the oh-4our because now at least I'm sharing the fifty mile couch with a snoring little mexican angel named Isabela. That makes me feel a little bit better. But still, it's always hard, these nights on the fifty mile couch. I haven't had a proper fifty mile couch night since way back summer oh-4our. I remember I was eating a microwavable pizza and switching between my bootleg of "Let It Be" and one of the most graphically disgusting holocaust documentaries ever created.

The only smile that night came from my debate: which is worse, seeing thousands upon thousands of dead jewish corpses ... or seeing Paul McCartney being a conceited fucking douchebag?


I fucking hate fifty mile couch nights.

And yes, with every passing pint of Labatt Blue that passes through my throat, the less I seem to care.

Wow. Hell yeah. Here's to hoping that the rest of the night is as happy and as dizzy as I am right now ...

MF Doom: Blunt Drunk

Link to an awesome flash video for the awesomely depressing James Big Ego song "Cautionary Tale"

Young MC: Bust a Move

"Weird Al" Yankovich: Alternative Polka (long live geekdom)


Reverend Steve said...
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Anonymous said...

That r great songs .thx for them

Anonymous said...

I like your analogy, the 50mile couch, plus you've got a great list of music there.

nice blog. i've become a big fan.