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Friday, May 5, 2006

One Year Anniversary (for dogs) ...

... it is Natasha and I's one year wedding anniversary today. One year ago Natasha and I and her family (and, because MINE were too busy, Marisa standing in on my family's behalf) were married in a nice quiet ceremony downtown. It seems like it was a million years ago, too. Can't believe it's only been a year.

Natasha and I seem to be doing our relationship in dog years. I mean, we've been together for exactly three years now (because we got married on our two year anniversary) but we have two kids and a minivan and a house and it just seems like we've been together for years and years. That's how much I'm in love and how comfortable I am in this relationship. Natasha and I really were made for each other. So we're rocking this relationship in dog years. Sure it's been just three years but in dog years it's like five years.

I didn't just marry Natasha' either. I also married little Emerald, too. When I first came into her life she had just turned one year old. She didn't need to let me be her daddy and I didn't need to be her daddy, either, but she let me be her dad and for that I will love her like she's my own flesh and blood because to me she is. So We made it a point to let Emerald know that I was marrying her, too. We got her a ring and I put it on her and said a few words.

I married two women one year ago today. And I'm not even mormon. How fucking cool is that?

But that might not be all of it. This morning when Emerald woke me up and I told her that it was our wedding anniversary, she said that we needed to get married again now that we have Isabela. I think I agree with her.

Later today my wife and I are going to go to the Elephant Bar, eat some awesome fucking food, see some shitty movie, then come home and fuck ourselves as violently as is legally and ethically possible. An awesome fucking day.

Here's some awesome fucking music for an awesome fucking day ...

White Stripes: Fell In Love with a Girl (rare acoustic)

Beatles: It's All Too Much (alternate take)

Seu Jorge: Ziggy Stardust

Jack Johnson: We Are Going to be Friends

Marvin Gaye: What's Going On

Beatles: I'll Follow the Sun (alternate take)

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