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Friday, May 26, 2006

Steve the Confused ...

... I have no clue what's going on today.

Here's my usual day off ... Emerald wakes me up gently somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 by pulling on my feet and quietly saying "C'mon daddy, wake up!" We watch Clifford magically go from a big red dog to, an hour later, a small red puppy. We watch retarded dragons fag around in dragonland. We watch a new show "It's a Big, Biw World" wherein a stoned hippie sloth fucks around with a bunch of muppets in a giant semi-computer generated rainforest tree, ve-e-e-e-e-ery strange shit, but Emerald and I have fun. Around noon I make a huge pizza and by that time Natasha and Isabela are awake. We stay up, play video games, talk, and my iPod, which can read my mind, plays a mellow mix of day off music from Tom Petty, Beatles, Sebadoh, John Lennon, Ben Folds, PJ Harvey, Townes Van Zandt, just to name a few. We take a walk. We drink coffee. And we sit around talking about how much we love each other.

And we dance. We sing and we dance. Oh how we dance.

Today I have no idea what's going on. Only a few days ago Natasha informed me that she was going to go on a field trip to the county fair with Emerald's cousin, not that Deinna deserves to have my wife go because Deinna is a horrid mean evil devil brat from hell. But Natasha left at eight, gave me a page of instructions to do when she left. Then she sprinted off in true Natasha fashion and I fed the baby. I thought Emerald was missing. Turns out she was just next door and nobody told me. That was ten seconds of absolute fear.

Then once I got the baby to bed, Natasha RETURNS, telling me that I now have to drive her back to the school so that I can go back home and later take the car and the kids to the county fair and meet her by the bear at noon. The whole trip there she's giving me even more instructions. All I know for sure is that I have no idea what's going on.

"Northern Song" by The Beatles played as I drove home. I've never related to that song more so than I do right now. Today is a Northen day.

Here's some music from the fucking Wind Clan ...

Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime

The Raconteurs: Together

Wilco: Hotel Arizona

Eels: Old Shit/New Shit (I would so loooove to see then June 1st in Sacramento if I wasn't borderline broke)

The Kooks: Crazy (live acoustic Gnarls Barkely cover)

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's: Skeleton Key (an amazing new band that I highly reccomend, so here's some more ...)

Quiet as a Mouse

Vampires in Blue Dresses

Dress Me Like a Clown

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