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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Body Breakdown ...

My body broke down yesterday. My stomache stopped working, my head was on fire, every joint in my body hurt like hell, I was dizzy as hell. There's two reasons for that. One was that when cleaning out my coffee mug I apparently didn't rinse it too much and subsequently swallowed a ton of soap with my coffee. The second reason was because I work too hard. I zone more, I lift more, I walk too fast and I end up doing the work of two or three people because the employees that are supposed to be mine end up helping everybody else. So my mindset is that it's pretty much just me working in my section, so you get days like last monday where I'm doing this, that, the other thing, puttinmg away a ton of stuff, and zoning something like 13 bays.

I work too hard and push myself too far. It's probably that stubborn bastard part of me that I got from my father. I shouldn't work too hard. For starters, it's not like I get too much credit for it anyway. Secondly, I see people talking it up all the time at work. Hell, there are people whose job seems to be talking in receiving all day. And I get accused of not being too friendly at work to the other employees but I'm just bitter because people talk at customer service, people talk in the manager's office, people talk in receiving, people talk at the cash registers, but nobody comes into kids at all. In fact, people work hard to avoid anything to do with my section, so it's just me all alone all day talking to myself. And that just makes me quiet and makes me work three times harder than I should.

So yesterday was my body telling me to slow the fuck down and if you don't then we'll kick your fucking ass again. Bad time for it to do that seeing as how tonight is another meeting of the Harry Potter club, which takes all day to get ready for and once a month kicks my ass. But, fuck, I have to do it.

I think it's time for me to take a vacation.

Wind Clan sends some music up your ass.

Today's music is from now apparently broken up punk band Amazing Transparent Man, named after one of the coolest B-movies ever. These guys wanted to play at Edwoodstock but we couldn't afford the plane tix. I still feel upset over that because they broke up shortly after that. Anyways, these guys were the best at covering chick songs.

Here's a few for you ...


Fast Car


Nothing Compares 2 U


Anonymous said...

oh that really sounds not good. take vacation and spent a few weeks with ur family

jessecoombs said...

Don't worry, your work is noticed. Well, at least I noticed it? You should seriously just start delegating small tasks that you have to any talkers that you see. Cashiers, customer service, receivers, managers, other leads. Who's going to refuse you?