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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Isabela's Second and Third Rooms ...

... last night Natasha was on the computer chatting away and I, wanting to be near her, plopped down on the couch right next to the computer desk and put in an old video. I love sitting by my wife on the couch and while she does her thang I just lay there and watch some old shit I halfheartedly give a shit about and eat ice cream and maybe fall asleep. That's how I spend most of my nights and it's pretty damn awesome-o. Sometimes it's an Ed Wood movie or some other old school fifties horror movie or an old WWF documentary or Eddie Izzard or Sifl & Olly or ECW or an old tape of The State or a Space Ghost dvd or Mystery Science Theater or some dusty old video tape of a movie I haven't seen in an African-American's age.

That describes my couch night last night. I went old school. Last night it was Four Rooms.

Memories of graduating in '95 in suburban Glendale, Arizona and watching Four Rooms the day it came out (Christmas fucking day) with Tom and Joe and maybe Joey. Seeing that movie again and again, memorizing the dialogue, having our favorite rooms ... the first room is crap made obviously by a lesbian director but is worth it to see Alicia Witt's masking taped titties. Second room was Tom's. He was the wannabe serious actor of the bunch so he loved that room and I think he had a thing for that Flashdance girl. Third room was mine, obviously, seeing as how I'm a wetback. Fourth one was Joey's seeing as he had such a hardon for all things Tarantino. That was one of "our" movies and godDAMN it's been a long time, man. A long fucking time.

Right when Witt was showing me her redheaded titties, Isabela, who is now can you believe it NINE fucking months old, screamed at me to let her on my lap. I held her and she squeamed, probably because she realized once again that I don't have a pussy, but eventually, as Ted was entering the second room, she calmed down and literally sat there and watched the entire second and third rooms, once again proving that she's the coolest fucking baby ever!

She just watched Tom's room in awe, jaw open, and she loooooved room three, probably reminded her of her Grampa Pepe. And, like a good pop culture baby, she fell asleep to the talk-screeching of Kathy Griffin.

Isabela rocks ass.

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