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Friday, June 30, 2006

Memory Music: TMBG and Opening Night ...

... starting something new on my blog. I'm going to start focusing on songs from my past and what they mean to me. We'll hear some good music and some personal stories, most of them funny and only a few of them deeply depressing. Here we go.

They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in your Soul

My senior year of high school, 1995, the last play that we did that semester was Once Upon a Mattress. It's a musical based on the Princess and the Pea. It was a strange musical but a really good cast and I got to spend a lot of time screwing around with my friends and making out with various chicks. It was fun. I remember Jamie Wedow convinced this one blonde chick to lift up her shirt and show him her bra for a quarter. He didn't have one, so he summoned me over and I gave her a quarter and we got a bit of a show. She showed her goods off to us for about ten or so seconds and then lowered her shirt, saying it would be another quarter to see more. Well, I always carry change so I pulled out over two dollars in quarters. She screamed like a B-movie queen and ran away. It was funny as hell.

It was the last play of the year and the last play a lot of us would do on that stage. Hell, it was the last play a lot of the people there would probably ever do. And right before the curtain we would all go into this room in the back, the vocal room, and we'd have some bullshit pep talk. But it was Jamie's idea to instead of hear the same bullshit talk, that we'd all listen to Birdhouse in Your Soul and dance and sing and jump around and just rock the fuck out. Which we did. Every night, right before going up there, we'd crank this song and just let go of every problem we had.

Now I'm almost thirty. I can't fucking believe that. I never thought that I'd live past the century, past age twenty-seven, or even past my thirties and now I'm almost there. I have a job I've held for almost six years now. I have a wife and two kids. Can you believe that? Two kids?!? And, to put a period on the end of all those sentences, I now have a minivan. It doesn't have a cd player, though, so while I was rummaging through old, dusty boxes for cassettes I found my old They Might Be Giants cassette, the one I bought at Zia's that I would listen to in my bedroom at my parent's house. I drive to work in the morning and every once and a while I'll put that cassette in and remember way back in the mid-nineties when I would pack into a shitty little music room and jump around and dance and sing and have no cares in the whole fucking world.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Are you really that pissed off at one of your dearest friends because I disappeared for awhile. As I recall, you moved to California, and I had no fucking idea where you were. I'm still in Tucson! I really wanted to get back in touch with you because I miss you and I do care about you deeply. I feel really hurt that you have ignored my email and previous post.
I'm hoping that you are coming around. I remember jumping around and singing to TMBG in that shitty little room too. Life was wonderful and horrible all at the same time back then.


Reverend Steve said...


Hey, lady. There's no need to get snippy here. I love you and miss you. It's just that what with the kids and the wife and the church and the job and whatnot, I'm not someone who gets back to people fairly quickly. I have not ignored you, so stop being pissed at me, ok baby? I still think of you whenever Forrest Gump plays and that's something I'll never give up. I love you and miss the shit out of you.

Anonymous said...


I'm not really mad at you. I just felt slighted that you didn't respond. I know your life must be crazy with everything you must have going on. Your daughters are so gorgeous. I'm so happy for you. Was the idea of moving back to Arizona dropped. If you are still thinking about it, you should consider Tucson. The city is growing like crazy. You would be really surprise by how much it has changed. I miss you a lot! Keep in touch.


Reverend Steve said...

It's so fucking good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment. Emerald looks just like her mother. When I met her, she just turned one year old and I think I fell fotr her more than I did for my own wife. That's when I knew that this relationship was right for me. Isabela looks a lot like me, I think. Yeah, the Arizona move was dropped. But we should be going back in November for X-giving with the folks - they live in a hu-u-u-uge house in Queen Creek. And I always want to go to the Az. State Fair but I never get to. Maybe next time we go to Phoenix we could meet up at a Peter Piper Pizza somewhere.

Miss the shit out of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found someone that loves and totally gets you. That's awesome. I feel like my life is fantastic now, with my marriage and work and everything. I knew things were finally going to come around.

God, how I miss those crazy ass Galindo Thanksgiving dinners. Diving for that champagne cork. Tell Pepe and Teri I say hi. You all were such my adoptive family.