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Thursday, June 8, 2006

My Thoughts Immediately After Watching "WWE vs ECW Head to Head" ...

E C W!

E C W!

E C W!

E C W!

E C W!

It is time, people.

You've strayed for long enough.

It is time for everybody to come home.

I know that it's been a long long time since you've been a wrestling fan. For some of you it's been a year or two. For some of you it's been since Stone Cold fought The Rock. For some of you, hell, it's been since Hogan fought Sid Vicious and The Ultimate Warrior wasn't a fucking joke.

But that dark, dark time is all past now.

I know you haven't called yourself a wrestling fan in a long time. Hell, I'm a hardcore wrestling fan and god knows when the last time was that I watching the boring bullshit-fest that is the Vinnie Mac Show talking down to you every week like you're a fucking idiot.

Well, don't worry because that's all gone now.

Well, nevermind. It's still there and still as boring as ever.

But now there's something else, something better, something that is a viable alternative to the WWE, something that has the violence and the brutality and the high flying madness that you've missed, something that doesn't have that douchebag Jeff Jarret (thank you TNA), something that is going to once again redefine what we know to be professional wrestling.

ECW is back, my friends.

It's time for all the stray wrestling fans to come on home. Real wrestling is back.

There's an ECW pay-per-view this sunday. I don't expect all of you to see it.

But ECW comes back in full swing this tuesday night on, of all places, the Sci-Fi Network.

I'll be there. And I expect to see all of you there as well. Rejoyce, my friends. Wrestling is finally back!

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