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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nacholessness ...

... tomorrow, friday, is my wife Natasha's birthday. We were going to start the celebration early tonight because we scored three free tickets to go see "Nacho Libre" for free tonight. But, as things often occur on my days off, a huge list of things to do suddenly popped up in our lives. It started off before five am when Natasha had to wake up and go to an "appointment." I woke up about 15 minutes after she left, heartbroken that I didn't wake up with her. I stayed awake until she arrived and all of us partied and listened to music ... until I passed out on the couch. When I woke up, we had to get dressed and drive CrackWhore somewhere, then go home, then Natasha had to take her to some park downtown while I stayed with Em and tried to cheer her up because one of nana's dogs died (strangled himself on the leash when nobody was looking). On her way back, she stopped at Gwen's and picked up the desk she's giving us, then had to run to the elementary school to pick up Emerald's cousin. She came back, we fed the kids, then we had to go back to Gwen's, not that I mind that because Gwen rocks ass, but her daughter Julia was in a massive "Somebody shot my cat" sized crying fit before when Natasha came to visit WITHOUT Emerald, so we had to go back so they could see each other and play. Then we were going to go to Ikea so that I could sneakily pick up Natasha something for her birthday, but we had no time, obviously, so we rushed home instead. While we were home, Natasha was falling in and out of sleep so bad that I finally made the call, after one hell of a busy ass day, to cancel the whole going out thing tonight. Natasha's been asleep since around six pm. Me, I'm not upset or bitter. It became obvious when we finally got back home and she was dozing off that she only wanted to go so that I could go, which is sweet, but I wanted to go to a movie that we both wanted to go see. I'm just starting to think that ever since little baby Bela was born that I'm just not supposed to be watching movies anymore. Movie theaters don't exist to me now. And, seeing all the shit that's out in theaters nowadays, shit that's more hype than content, movies not existing ain't that bad of a concept. So now some overlyhyped 300 billion dollar monster budget summer movie comes along and I just shrug it off. And that's awesome. Anyhoo, it's almost ten and everyone in the house is asleep but me. I'm staying up, eating chocolate, downloading songs, hacking into porn sites and drinking coffee. A perfect night if you ask me. And tomorrow, I guarantee you it will de-evolve into another day that's ten times more stressful than a day at work for me, but somehow I'll end up enjoying it anyway.

See ya!

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