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Monday, June 26, 2006

Snakes on a mutha-f$%&*#g Plane ...

... America is great at taking things at their face value and not worrying over things like meaning or worth. Just take the band The Darkness. While brits were in discussion over the band and whether or not they were a "joke" band or something to be taken seriously, we Americans were banging our rock fists in the air and just yelling THE DARKNESS ROCKS! We're good at not thinking, I guess is what I'm saying ...

(and while we're at it, here's a Darkness mp3 for your ass.)

... and never before has America's gift for not thinking too hard about things shone brighter than it's shining over the movie SNAKES ON A PLANE! Finally, a movie that isn't trying to be something great or big or impressive. Fuck no. It's pure crappy ass entertainment and THAT"s why it's going to be huge. This thing is poised to become the biggest cult hit of the summer, if not the single biggest cult movie ever made. This thing is going to be fucking huge. And what's even better is that the studio sees all the buzz and hype over the film going on on the internet and is simply letting it be, allowing schmucks like me to promote the film FOR them.

Here's a quote that really made me feel good about the whole thing ...

"I'm not doing this because I want people to go 'Oh, Samuel L. Jackson's in it, lets go see Snakes on a Plane.' I'm doing it because I wanted to be in a movie that has a bunch of snakes on a plane! I'm doing it because it's fun for me."
-Samuel L. Jackson, Empire magazine, June 2006

... that's fucking awesome. I can't wait to see this shit. I'll have a 72 oz. soda on one hand and a fucking trash can full of fucking popcorn in the other. Snakes on a plane. Awesome as hell.

Here's some free shit for you ...

Snakes on a Plane song #1

Snakes on a Plane song #2

Snakes on a Plane song #3

Snakes on a Plane song #4

Snakes on a Plane parody audio trailer

Acoustic Snakes on an Acoustic Plane #1

Acoustic Snakes on an Acoustic Plane #2

The COOLEST and cutest Snakes on a Plane t-shirt

... and here it is, a MAJOR exclusive that you can only hear right here! It's a clip of dialogue from Samuel L. Jackson directly from the movie Snakes on a Plane. Yes, I'm serious. No other web site but THIS ONE has this exclusive bit of dialogue! It's a major exclusive for us. And boy was it ever hard to get, too. I had to blow this sound guy in an alleyway on Melrose avenue to get this. But, hey, I'd take a shot in the mouth to bring you this major exclusive, so here it is. I guarantee you that you wont hear it anywhere else!

EXCLUSIVE Samuel L. Jackson dialogue from Snakes on a Plane!

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