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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Wife's Birthday Blues ...

... I was going to get this nice $90 chair at Ikea for my wife for her birthday. She said like a month ago that she loved it and wanted it, so I planned on buying it for quite some time now. But I was unable to get over there. Fuck, I didn't know where it was in the first place. Plus I didn't have the money. I was going to go yesterday with Marisa but I didn't because we were going to go to the movie (that we didn't go to) so I was forced to go TODAY, on Natasha's birthday, with Natasha there.

But it wasn't practical and we had nowhere to put it, so Natasha decided that she didn't want me to buy her my big present. So I'm depressed as all fuck because suddenly here I am, the worst husband in the world, because now I'm stuck not having a present for her for her birthday except for the Tamagochi I found on the floor at work.

Make things worse, we're supposed to be at the bowling alley for a little birthday get together RIGHT NOW but we had to go home first after our Ikea bust. So right now we're missing Natasha's birthday party. And we neglected to inform one of Natasha's brothers about the bowling thing and now he's treating her like shit, not talking to her, hanging up on her when she calls, and that's depressing Natasha. And on her BIRTHDAY, too! Fuck. Why does he turn his sister's fucking birthday into THE RANDAL SHOW STARRING RANDAL AS RANDAL! That fucking crybaby, ruining her sister's fucking birthday because he wants to be a little bitch.

God. I tried so hard to make today special for her. I know she says she's having a great day and that she loves me and that she didn't want the chair, but I can't help feeling like the worst husband in the whole fucking world.

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