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Friday, July 7, 2006

Memory Music: Coffee Shop Break-Up ...

... occasionally there's music that you accidentally stumble on to. It doesn't happen often but when it does, chances are that's the band you're going to remember for a long long time. Such is the case with myself and Boston area pop band The Cautions.

I had a huge period from about 1998 to 2003, before turned from the premiere place to find good indie music into a watered down hunk of crap. I would scan and scan their pages finding some of the coolest, most random music ever. The next thing you know I know four local bands from Newark and Boston and all these places I've never been to, Boston especially kept coming up, leading me to believe that Boston really does rock ass. I mean, if I ever go to Boston, even if it's a layover, I would absolutely have to go see The Cautions and Jim's Big Ego in concert, even if I have to kidnap them and force them at gunpoint to play for me.

Listen to Jim's Big Ego music absolutely free

This story takes place back was when I was still in college. I think this was around 1998 but I might be wrong. Anyway, I was in between relationships at the time. I was really lonely and living in the dorms and completely not digging the college scene, especially a mindless upper class party college (Arizona State) that was basically an uncaring pit of upper class neckless white guys and ditzy emotionless Scottsdale whores. Not that I didn't have fun, mind you. I drank a lot and watched a lot of movies and read a ton of books and burned a shitload of cds on their school computers and learned the quickest walking routes to the myriad of strip clubs and porn stores that littered the area around campus and, whenever I felt like it, went to class.

I would spend a lot of weekends at my parent's house, just so I could have some sort of human contact beyond my cool but quiet and nerdy pot-smoking roommate. It was there, hanging out at the coffee shop inside of a Barnes and Noble, that I realized to my surprise that one of my longtime crushes, a woman I fell in love with in high school and semi-kinda dated a few times. We met here and there, both being theater geeks in different schools but in the same state. But we both went to the National theater Conference in Muncie, Indiana. That's when thousands upon thousands of high school theater fags gather in one of the most humid places in the goddamn world to learn and perfect "the craft" of acting (blah blah blah) and, more importantly, audition for colleges. But I went just for a vacation. So did her. We fell in love hard. But as the high school years went by, we saw less and less of each other until we didn't talk at all.

When I met her again, she was working at the Starbucks inside the bookstore. We talked, I pretended to get some coffee, and she comped me my coffee. So I sat there and pretended to be reading something just so that I could stare at her and occasionally talk to her. I guess I could say that I was emo before they started calling it emo but that's not really something to be very proud of. I'd go down there a few times a week just so that I could be around her again. She's laugh and smile and we'd talk it up when she had some free time on her hands. I didn't even like coffee, to tell you the truth. But, after spending three to five hours a week drinking free coffee just to be around some chick, you learn to like fuckin' coffee.

So I went to to find some song about coffee. That's when I found The Cautions, whose big hit song still to this day reminds me of going to that Barnes and Noble just to see her twirl her hair in her little fingers.

Here's some Cautions music for you, courtesy of the muthafuckin' WIND CLAN, bitches! We rule all other punk ass cat clans, fools! Wind clan rocks ass ...

Coffee Shop Girl

Game Show

Out of Print (which perfectly described our relationship in later years)

Don't Get Me Started

Big Hit Song

Good music. Upbeat, positive, kick ass poppy goodness. I'm a huge fan of theirs, despite the incredibly low chances of me ever seeing them live. By the way, you might notice that I did not mention this woman's name. That's because things ended fairly badly between us. After a few failed attempts, we started dating seriously, we moved in together, we fought, I drank a lot, she smoked pot ever second of the day, we broke up and I moved to California where I met my wife and had two amazing kids. So I guess I have a lot to thank her for. I do love the time we spent, the times when we weren't fighting, and I hope that things are doing well for her. She's a beautiful woman witha huge heart to match her two huge fucking titties.

But I think it would be incredibly rude for me to post this piece and mention her real name because that would be just too cruel.

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