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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some More Random Stuff ...

I've been posting a lot lately about how I want $$$ for (glug glug). So tall cute Megan from work bought me a root beer. Because that's the only type of beer she can legally buy. That's so fuckin' sweet. That's awesome. I love Megan. Not only is she nice and fun to talk to but she looks good in a hula skirt. And although I'm not one to ever do this, when you talk about her you just have to use lol.

Here's a little preview of the "found" lyrics that will play a major part in my soon to be new rap career. This little ditty is called "Stomp" ...

Get bad, jump up if you want to

If ya do, the whole crew gone stomp you

Ya fat mouthin, then you on da floor

Out the door you will not disrespect no more

(which is a double negative, by the way, which means that there will actually be more disrespecting to come)

Now you betta jump back when you step to da plate

It's 3 strikes in the majors but we aint playin' no game

You lookin' nervous so tell me what you gone do

There's 3 of us and there's 1 of you

... wow. I don't think Shakespeare or Stephen King could have said it better themselves.

I just want to take this time to say that I am hereby outlawing anyone from getting married for the rest of 2006. I'm serious here. No weddings. No marriages. Last year was all about weddings and marriages and what happened? Well, all I can say for myself is that MY marriage is fine and dandy and today I've had sex twice. Probably have sex again once I'm done typing this. I'm all good. Everyone else's, though, are a different story. So no weddings for the rest of the year. Next year, maybe we'll think about it.

The Civil War series of comics that Marvel are putting out are fucking awesome. I've got the first two issues of the major series and I have two of the small secondary issues. I don't have the $$$ to go every wednesday and buy comics like I used to, so I really savor every issue I can afford to buy. Marvel, see, is getting their characters and putting them in a real world situation, one where the US government is forcing all superhuman people to register their real name and super power. Meanwhile, DC is doing boring Infinity Crisis shit where Superman-Prime is fighting three hundred other Supermen from alternate realities. Ooooh look, Batman #12 is fighting Old Batman and Young Batman #812. Boring. That's why I'm not a DC man. Besides, they brought Jason Todd back to life. I fucking KNEW they would do that eventually. I hate that.

It is very difficult to be a professional wrestling fan. World Wrestling Entertainment pretty much owns everything as far as wrestling is concerned. There's TNA wrestling which is doing new and different things, real trailblazers, but it's tough to watch new stars like AJ Styles and Abyss when you're forced to choke on bullshit from mid-nineties 'roid rage douchebags like Scott Stiener and Jeff Jarret, the king of annoying. I haven't been into WWE since the Hurricane went heel and Eddie died. So I got really exciting when ECW - Extreme Championship Wrestling was set to return, because I was one of the few who was an ECW fan before WWE bought it. And I was really into it for about a month but it's hard to be into something that millions of others are against. I'm pretty much just waiting for Matt and Jeff Hardy to get back together. Hopefully soon. They really were the greatest tag team ever and if they get back together, then I would suddenly become the world's biggest mark. I'm waiting patiently. And while waiting, I stumbled on to this, a web reality show that, although I aint paying to see it, it sure as hell intrigues me.

Band called Self. I stumbled onto one of their songs called This is Love and I loved it. But I didn't bother finding out who they were or finding any other songs. But just this morning I found their web site and was shocked to discover that they had pretty much their entire catalog of music available for free to download on their web site. God. You hardly ever see that shit anymore. I really respect that. Their music is damn good, too. Check it out.

Here's a whole episode of South Park. the baseball one. It's my favorite. I gotta go for a walk with the kids now. God I love days off. Well I'll smell you jerks later ...

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