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Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Massive Monday Post ...

... so this is going to be my new thang, a massive post of random stuff up your ass every monday with a heaping assload of music and videos and pictures and all sorts of crazy schtuff. So enjoy!

EDITED with working videos and some new pics. That's how much I rock.

I woke up today at ten in the afternoon. That makes two days in a row that I woke up at ten in the afternoon, which might mean that the world is about to end. I mean, waking up at six in the morning to get to work and having Emerald wake me up at 7:30 in the morning when I have a day off really runs me ragged, especially since I can't get to sleep until midnight or one am. My sleep patterns are all f-ed up.

It's all work's fault. I got a sixtysomething page booklet of changes that had to happen in my section but since some fixtures hadn't arrived we decided to wait. But the computer didn't wait and now all the changes are in the system and I have to do them all now. So essentially I have to redo almost every piece of my entire department. It's almost impossible for one person to do it but what with my employees constantly being stolen to do other people's jobs, I'm forced to do this all by myself. Thanks to a large amount of coffee I was able to do more than half of the section's 130+ bays all by myself in the space of three days AND with a kids ruler seeing as someone lost the measuring tape. I'm exhausted. So two days of sleeping until ten are well welcomed in my book.

So UPN and the WB are merging this fall into one massive conglomerate of suckiness called the CW. Yeah, now its your one stop place for Gilmore Girls, WWE Smackdown and crappy black comedies. The thing is, their launch date, the date they're promoting all over the place, is September 11th.



Goddamn, man. Talk about fucking inappropriate! You think they could have found a better date? When you think Veronica Mars and Smallville, think 9-11! I mean, how could two shitty tv networks merging into one massive shitty network fail when it's starting on 9-11? That's such a successfull date in American history. I mean, think of all those people who were successful at jumping out of the windows of the World Trade Center? Thanks CW. I'm sure this will go well.

Despite rumors to the contrary (and what seems like a lot of negative quotes on this particular blog) I am not in any way a racist. On the contrary, I hate ALL races including my own. I think that every nationality is ignorant and is going to hell. All of us. We were a fluke on this earth and we've taken this ball of nature and fucking burned it to the damn ground. We are all ignorant and all pathetic and we will all meet the same fate in the end. There are really good people out there but the majority of people have no clue and will soon die a horrid, horrid death.

Yeah, you can tell I work customer service. I'm such a people sort of person.

Being broke sucks ass. I wanna go to the state fair bad.

My wife and I just went and got us some In-N-Out burger with our very small amount of moneys. God. It's the little things that I haven't gotten used to about living in California and In-N-Out burger is one of them. I still haven't computed that as being a place that I can just go and get food whenever I want to. In my mind it's still something that I can only get when I'm vacationing in California, like when I'm on some high school trip or family vacation or Tom and I have just driven to Disneyland or something like that. Now I can go whenever I want but in my mind it still feels really cool and special and I have that awe I used to have when I was a kid.

Three billion-time WWE Heavyweight champion Triple H just had a baby with real life wife Stephanie MacMahon. Here is an exclusive picture taken DURING the birth ...

... and here's another exclusive picture of the beautiful baby girl ...

There's a thing in movies that's called the Wilhelm scream. It's a legendary piece of sound that is literally used EVERYWHERE! You have heard it a million times before and not even known it.

Here is an awesome video partially chronicalling the Wilhelm scream. The first is its origin and the rest are films where it has been used. Enjoy ...

A picture from last year of Charsey the cat playing Age of Empires ...

Before this ends, just a little note ... tomorrow night on ECW, the future of pro-wrestling, gold medalist Kurt Angle, the homicidal Sabu, and awesome arial machine Rom Van Dam will face off in a triple threat ladder match to see who is the number one contender for the Big Show's ECW Championship. This is a pay-per-view quality match right here on regular tv and even if you haven't seen wrasslin' since the 90s or the 80, this should prove to be a MONSTEROUS match. It's tomorrow night (tuesday) at 10pm on the Sfi-Fi channel. Watch it.

Early Bedtyme and the B.S.O. is sending you some rap music up your ass now, so drink it up, bitches ...

Jurrasic 5: Back for You

G Love: Let The Music Play

Mos Def & Talib Kweli: Definition

MF Doom: ?uestion

MF Doom: Mic Sounds Nice

MC Hammer: Turn This Mutha Out

Warren G: Regulate

Madvillain: Fancy Clown

Gnarls Barkley: Basically

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