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Saturday, August 12, 2006


... I thought I was the only person in the world who still vividly remembered GOGO PARA PRESIDENTE.

Then I googled it and realized, no, I'm not alone.

I am about one of five people in the world who voted for Gogo the goat.

Gogo the goat is one of the hosts of the "Rudy and Gogo's World Famous Cartoon Show" which ran on TNT in the 90's. This show was a total mindfuck and, I believe, an oft forgotten precursor to Space Ghost's "Cartoon Planet" and therefore our modern day Adult Swim. The show's hosts were Rudy and JB, both marionettes, and a real life black and white goat named Gogo.

The GOGO PARA PRESIDENTE musical number first infected my brain on their super special all night movie marathon, which they ran on TNT on New Year's Eve. It was Rudy and JB and Gogo staying up all night watching bad B-movies and Godzilla movies. It was right up my alley. I was in high school back then and what with it being New Year's Eve the steaks were cooking and the cigars were smoking and the beer was flowing. And I tried to record every second of their all night movie bash.

I don't remember a damn thing from that. But I DO remember Gogo Para Presidente.

That song is like a virus. You just have to watch it once. ONCE! And then it infects your brain and it's two weeks later and even though you didn't really LIKE the video you find yourself singing the damn thing every second of the day. It's a disease and it's awesome as hell.

I've spent over three years trying to tell my wife about it and failing miserably. But I recently found the damn thing online and put it up on youtube.

Here it is for your punk ass ...

... and here the link to get your very own exclusive one of a kind GOGO PARA PRESIDENTE semi-cheap t-shirt, the only Gogo shirt available anywhere, created exclusively by me, Reverend Steve!

Buy it. Maybe then I can afford KFC without having to beg Marisa.

As you can see, Emerald supports Gogo!

Speaking of, here's my SECOND video I've uploaded on YouTube ... my then three year old daughter showing off how she learned to spell bananas from Gwen Stefani

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Gregorio said...

huh... yeah, that's pretty retarded, i'll let you know if it burns my brain in a couple weeks... it does, however, remind me of how i try to tell people about that mid 90's hip-hop/novelty song that goes.. "give me a ring-a-ling if you want my ding-a-ling." you remember that? i can't find it ANYWHERE and nobody has any clue what i'm talking about.