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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I Know I Shouldn't Do This But ...

... I'm going to work on my vacation so that I can do storytime.

I know that I shouldn't do this. I should leave work alone and see how hard of a time they have doing the things I do by myself, but reading stories and ad-libbing with toddlers and making people yell and scream in a bookstore and entertaining 30+ kids twice a week, that has become my crack. I am addicted to my kids, my darlings, my twice a week audience. My little spotlight. I have to go and do this.

My wife doesn't understand. She's a little bit upset. She thinks I should just say fuck it and leave them to do it themselves, let them entertain 35 screaming children and have no idea how I do what I do so well. But I can't do that. I can't NOT do storytime, even when I'm not working. It's not in me to miss a storytime. I have to. If I don't do storytime today then I'll end up at Albertsons trying to read cooking instructions to strangers and I'll be all shaking and shit. I have to go. I have to do this.

Although it goes without saying that nobody who works there, none of the managers, none of my bosses will actually give a shit if I come in or not. And it goes without saying that odds are I won't receive thank you one for going above and beyond by coming in on my week vacation just to do storytime. But it doesn't matter. I still have tpo go and do this. It's just who I am.

But that's it. Just storytime. Nothing more. Beyond storytime they are on their own.

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Anonymous said...

I DO understand my love. I just don't like being rushed out the door. I love you and I support you in all things in life, even if it is for a Corporate Master.