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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Return to Beer Mountain ...

... tonight, due in large part to Nikara's hounding, my wife and I are heading down to visit the evil den of inequities known as the Maple Room.

Now, what with this blog going all the way back to November 2002, reading back thru all the past posts will show that I have Quite the sordid history with The Maple Room. It is a hip yet crappy dive that my brother works at, graduating from bar-fly to bar-employee. I spent pretty much all of 2002 and the first half of 2003 living there, drinking there, fucking and fighting there. It was fun and frightening all at the same time.

That last link that I put up is a post from September 6th, 2003 when I came to the realization (and I am dead serious about this) that ...

"The bar itself is a living, breathing entity kept alive through the negativity of its occupants in a very real, very Stephen King sense. Everyone every night coming in angry, getting in fights, dispensing drama, trading gossip, getting drunk which in and of itself is a negative act seeing as how alcohol is a depressant, and the bar was once a dormant building until so much anger and negativity floating through its doors caused it to stir. And now, like a bad horror movie, the bar is alive and it needs negativity to survive."

I'm weary to return, as I always am whenever we go over there to have a few drinks. I guess that's because there's always the chance of seeing The Big Him or Little Her or any of a number of former cast members from the scandalous play which is my life (read back thru 2002-2003 here in this bnlog for more info on all that).

We're leaving now. Wish me luck.

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