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Sunday, August 27, 2006

R.I.P. Razzle Dingley ...

Razzle Dingley was the drummer for, get this, an eighties Finnish hair metal band called Hanoi Rocks. They formed in Helsinki in the seventies with Gyp Casino on drums but he was later fired and replaced with Razzle Dingley. Many people call Hanoi Rocks a precursor to Guns and Roses, although this is debatable. He was in a drunk driving accident (him doing all the drinking AND the driving) and died at age 24, three years too early to be remembered as a genius which is why there are no Razzle Dingley shirts at Hot Topic.

This is all just information I lifted off of Wikipedia. I Don't know any songs of Hanoi Rocks, nor have I ever heard of them apart from in passing conversations about hair metal. In all reality I don't give a crap about the band or their music.

I just find it fascinating that there was a musician that went by the name of Razzle Dingley.


I mean, could that name have ever been cool? Even in the eighties that name soundslike something that not even a Snork or a Smurf would have. Razzle Dingley? It looks like some character from The Young Ones, not a bad ass metal drummer.

I mean, damn! Even for a drummer that's pretty pathetic.

To learn more about Razzle Dingley, Click here ...

Here's an Ali G clip. It's pretty funny but it picks up when he goes to the abortion rally. The ending where he does a beat box is hillarious ...

So here's a crack whore update ...

Crack whore mom got out of jail quicker than we were expecting. We expected them to hold her for the weekend so that on monday Natasha's mom could go down to the courthouse and file for full custody. But she got out of the pokey yesterday morning and walked to the Burkitt house where she demanded her baby, cussing and shaking and the full crack whore mode. But, skipping all the drama and cussing, crack whore got her baby back. And that sucks because that was one super cute cracker baby.

I of course missed all of the drama and yelling because I always miss the exciting things, but I wish I could have been there. I'm a big fan of chaos. That's why 7-14 was such a big day for me. Not often you get to see someone you know get led away in handcuffs.

Now watch as I go old school internet on your ass ...

So tonight my wife and I are allegedly going to The Boardwalk to go and see my favorite band The Format live in concert. We are apparently going tonight, just my wife and me, out to see our favorite band live. Allegedly. Now, I have concerns and disbeliefs and trepidations about this alleged night out that I will share with you now ...

For starters you've probably noticed that I keep using the word allegedly. The reason for that is WE ARE FUCKING BROKE! I mean, if I can't buy a $0.60 soda at work, how are we going to go to a concert tonight? That's for starters.

Secondly, I just have this feeling that this is going to end up being one of those things that we say we're going to go to and then just not go. Like the fair. The state fair. We probably won't go to the fair this year and that really stings. If we can't go to the fair then how are we going to go to The Format concert?

Thirdly, the last concert I ever went to was Los Lonely Boys at the State Fair last year ... and state fair concerts aren't really concerts per se. So besides the Los Lowzlee Boys the last live concert I've been to ... (sigh) ... was Edwoodstock, my own live concert event in 2004 and that doesn't really count since it was a movie and music festival AND I was the one running the damn thing. So that doesn't count either.

It's the curse of the daddy. I have a wife and two kids so I don't see movies anymore and I don't go out drinking anymore and I don't go see concerts, either. Most of that I don't miss, although I would have liked to have seen the new Pirates movie. Concerts are fun but they're not too much a part of me anymore. I'm older and more mature. Speaking of, I mean, I love The Format but what if I get there and I'm surrounded by all these peppy white teenage kids, huh? What if The Whistler is there?

I hate to admit this but I'm a bit nervous.

Here's the bands playing the concert, a little bit of CPR - Concert Psyching Rock for you ...

Rainer Maria: I'll Keep It With Mine

Rainer Maria: Catastrophe

Rainer Maria: Burn

Rainer Maria: Breakfast of Champions (best track)

Anathallo: Hoodwink

Street to Nowhere: Waste My Life For You

Street to Nowhere: They're Not Like Us

Format: Pick Me Up

The Format: Tune Out

The Format: Time Bomb

The Format: Dead End

The Format: Give It Up

The Format: 1000 Umbrllas

And, becase I can't get enough of that ending ...

And that's that. Wish me luck in this concert thing tonight, IF we go.

Oh, and death to shooshers!

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The last picture on this entry was genius.