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Friday, August 18, 2006

This is NOT a Snakes on a Plane Post ...

... because I refuse to be one of the millions of young male twentysomethings who went from the 10pm thursday showing of Snakes on a Plane DIfuckingRECTLY to their computers to post on their blogs about the movie and how wonderful it is. Besides, the sheer weight of SoaP shit on blogs and livejournals is soon going to virtually CRUSH the entire internet under its massive weight.

So, just to clarify ... this is NOT a post about Snakes on a mutherfucking Plane and how awesome it is.

I will say this, however - I haven't been in THAT awesome of an audience since Tom and I got drunk and saw a standing room only sneak preview of Rumble in the Bronx on the campus of Arizona State. People screaming, cheering, yelling, laughing, the whole fucking nine. THROWING TOY SNAKES for shit's sake! If I ever live to see a modern day Rocky Horror cult be born, I saw it tonight with SoaP.

And to think, too, that when we first went into the theater it was almost morgue empty. My wife and I thought that everybody went down south to check out my old friend Greg's Dynamite Kablammo show.

Wow. Tonight was perfect. Marisa, the woman who like me has been hyped up for this for like a year and a half. My brother, who I got into the whole SoaP thing. Milton, cool ass man and a member of my crew. Me and my wife, in a rare non-children appearance. Gwen and her man. Andrew. Marisa's peeps, Joe's peeps, my wife's tits just out there and smokin'. Fuck that was perfect! We all somehow came together, all of us, to go and see ourselves a movie together. That was awesome. We'll all have to do that again in a month or two with Jackass 2 or the fuckin' Tenacious D movie.

And to think that the last time I saw a motion picture in the theater it was Aristocrats last year. WITH JESSE! And now I've seen those muthafuckin' snakes on the muthafuckin plane!

I'm going to have this song stuck in my head for like a fucking MONTH now.

Fuck me!


johnmc. said...

I totally agree on the whole Rocky Horror thing. The movie wouldn't have been anywhere near as good without the audience participation factor.

Oh yeah - the boobies were spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going tonight. I wish I was there with you guys.