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Saturday, September 23, 2006

10 Basic Rules of Being a Good Pimp, Taken From the Book "The Art of Mackin" by K-Flex Nasheed (ISBN: 094839059X)

1) A pimp is always right.

2) Don't ever let your ho check you.

3) Get your hoes to invest as much as they can as fast as they can. A pimp can't keep a ho forever, and she will "blow" when she least expects it.

4) A good pimp doesn't have to beat on his hoes. If he feels that he needs to get violent with his girls, that means he needs to tighten up his game.

5) Get the money before the "honey." Don't accept sex from your ho until she has reached her quota. Purse first, ass last.

6) Never be at a loss for words.

7) Always keep a cold, serious demeanor with your hoes. Most good pimps rarely smile, because some hoes can take this as a sign of weakness.

8) Your hoes are never equal to you.

9) The more money the ho gives, the longer she stays. So always give yourself a raise.

10) Keep your thoughts a mystery. Never let your hoes know what you are thinking. The more you change your demeanor, the more she will be intrigued with trying to figure you out.

Rules of being a good pimp? Why limit yourself? How about rules for being a good dad. It would work, same as for pimps. Hey, I've never let Emerald check me. And I always think purse before ass at home. The more money Isabela gives me, the more the ho stays. I live by that credo every day.

K-Flex's rules could really apply to anything and everything. Working at McDonald's? That would work, too. When you're working the fryer, keep your thoughts a mystery from the retard and the token black. Wait staff manager, real estate, Kevin. All good.

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fuck you with that token black shit trick

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