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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cracker Baby Morning ...

... so Natasha has been (finally) making some money babysitting a little bit. The main person she babysits is this small one year old cracker baby girl named Emily. She can't really speak. She's in that in-between phase where she can say about ten words but in a language that only a handful of people can understand. She calls Tasha either "Tata" or "Momma." Sometimes she grabs my finger and walks me around the house. She has a constant runny nose. She cried a lot. She can really freak out.

And her and Isabela HATE THE HELL out of each other.

It's mostly Isabela. I think its strange to her to suddenly have another slightly older little girl around the house being held by Natasha and playing with all her toys. Hell, that would piss ME off if I were in her position, although I probably wouldn't go straight to fisticuffs like she does. Isabela slaps her. And hits her. And then Emily hits her back. And take Bela's toy from her. And then Bela takes her bottle of milk. And Emily takes Bela's bottle of juice. And then they're both crying. It's a big ass mess and its really strange to see Bela with a rival. It's like Maggie and the baby with one eyebrow. Gerald, I think.

Isabela has a rival. That's incredible to me.

Anyway, I have two days off in a row because Bela's one year birthday is tomorrow. So what better way to celebrate her birthday and celebrate my days off than by taking care of Bela and the cracker ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Natasha went to the craft store with her mom this morning and so I'm all alone at home holding both babies and stopping them from crying and feeding them and changing diapers and stepping in when they start hitting each other, which happens at a rate of a slap every ten minutes. I'm stressing out and, a feeling altogether new to me, my bones ache like mad crazy fire and I don't know why.

This is my white cracker morning. People of earth pitty me.

Here's some music to get you in a white sort of mood ...

Elliott Smith: Bled White

Darrin Drda: White Guys With Guitars

The Mountain Goats: White Box

White Stripes: One More Cup of Coffee

Archers of Loaf: White Trash Heroes

B&Massa: White Flag of Peace

Grandmaster Flash: White Lines

Virgin Prunes: Sweethome Under White Clouds

Metric: White Gold

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