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Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Death of the Dirtbar ...

... out of NOWHERE my brother and his new girlfriend decided to move to Arizona and move in with my parents.

My brother spent the last who knows how long as the man in charge of kareoke for the Maple Room, an evil crappy dirtbar that I have been going to for the last four or five years now. Joe did wonders with that place and turned it into a really cool place for someone like me to go to to have a beer and play some darts and listen to some kick ass music.

Believe me when I say that this place used to be an incredibly nasty redneck and crusty old people bar but Joe turned it into a hip cool ass place. With Joe in charge you could go to the Maple Room on a friday or a saturday and it would be filled with good music and cool twentysomething college kids and darts and mashups playing on the stereo and Joe, who became great at his job, running all the singing. It was pretty awesome.

Being a semi-hip twentysomething guy with a propensity to wear all black, it can be really threatening to go to some bar and be surrounded by rednecks singing Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" for the tenth time and getting stared down by all these old people who don't trust you because of your skin or your age. A bar full of rednecks and 60 year olds and fat people and cowboy hats. That is what the Maple Room used to be.

Joe changed all that.

And now the fucking owner of the bar decided to fuck that all up.

But the owner of the bar didn't like all the young people. He says young people don't spend money. So he demoted Joe to just doing bartending once a night and then cleaning up the rest of the week. The owner of the bar said that it was a promotion. Can you believe that? Working one day a week and cleaning up ashtrays is a promotion. And can you believe that young people aren't wanted? That's fucking bullshit.

Joe, never one for bullshit, said fuck you to the Maple Room and just up and moved, just like that.

Joe got to my parents place on sunday. And I just learned about this yesterday ...

... from Lance's ex-wife, of all people.

Now, I have had my fist up against this bar for a long time now but Joe had turned it into someplace cool and Joe and his woman had just become really awesome to hang out with. We went to SoaP together and it was fun as hell. Now they're gone just like that and my parents and my brother decided not to bother telling me. I'm missing Joe and I'm missing the dirtbar. It sucks that the Maple Room turned heel like that. I might miss it.

My wife is pissed off, although she's not sure who she's pissed off at.

I'm a little bit angry and a whole lot depressed. I don't know why I'm depressed. I didn't want my brother to move. And if he did move, I think that I should have been told about it instead of being told a half a week late by Nikara.

This is bullshit.

I don't want to go back to work.

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