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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Guess How My Day @ Work Was ...

... my day went SO well that the fingers on my right hand are hard to move because I cracked open two knuckles on my right hand from seriously punching the wooden frame of the receiving door at full force.

Nobody was in kids all day yesterday. That was when all of the endcaps, all 13 in kids and two in teens, not to mention the shelf strips and the theme tower and a ton of displays, had to be changed over. Once again MY section got fucked over. All of it, this whole huge list of stuff that needed to be done, was supposed to be done yesterday but it wasn't. And since nobody had been in kids since tuesday night, the entire section was a mess. Books were everywhere, everything was a mess, and there were two full carts of books to be put away, not to mention the massive stacks on my desk.

Kyle came in at 7am and tried to put the endcaps up. But he did them all wrong so I had to take down the ones he did as well as the ones he hadn't gotten to yet. And I had to put away all the books from the endcaps that he DID do but didn't put away yet.

Nobody cares. Nobody seems to care. My section is burning in flames and sinking and going straight to hell and I'm basically the only person in kids, the only person allowed to do any work in there, and it's horrible and its shit and I was fucking pissed off and just inches away from exploding. All day.

I wanted to hit somebody, something, ANYTHING and I hit the wooden frame of the receiving door. Hard. Full force.

Now it hurts to move my fingers, to move my right hand. Two of my knuckles have swollen up pretty big. They hurt like hell.

My wife says I should go to the doctor. I disagree. My wife also says I should quit. I'm not sure about that, although I am thinking it over. Work isn't fun anymore. It's a pain in the ass.

And I should leave.
I might leave.

I'm sick of being fucked over. This is bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Okay, This is going to sound probably like the worst suggestion ever--but if you want a job in front an audience, really touching lives--have you thought about teaching. All the perks with more money and summers off with the same downers, ungrateful parents. I think you would be fabulous with k-3rd.

Sorceress Jade said...

I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about this. I think you'd be an excellent teacher as well. However that requires college and I don't think that's a direction you want to go. My guess is you'd rather have a job, income to support the family, and just be happy now.

SO, here are some things that I was thinking about that maybe will help you and Natasha brainstorm.

You and Natasha doing daycare together, possibly with integrated pre-school lessons eventually. It'll take some work, and you have to be sure you want to be around each other ALL the time.

Children's books. This one requires a lot of work, and another job in the interim. But you could always do it in addition to whatever else. I think Ian came up with this idea.

Children's TV/Movies. It might be difficult to break into BUT you have a reputation and you should exploit it to it's fullest potential. If you can come up with a solid idea and present it until you're sick of talking about it... I'll bet you can find someone to pick it up, even if it's not at a high market level.

Daycare: working at an already established daycare service. Kinder-care, or something like that.

The library. I wonder if there's a library that needs someone innovative to do great things with their children's library and activities?

Ok, so I'm tapped out of things right off the bat and I should REALLY be working on the project that has to be completed tonight. So , final thoughts:

Your post was very emo.
I hope your hand feels better.
Frozen vegetables mold to your hand better than bags of ice.
You have a great talent for working with children and I hope you realize that and put it to good use.

Anonymous said...

actually, there are are a lot of programs out there that allow working people to get their teaching certificate and work at the same time. Some programs will actually pay for the classes. Usually, its the new version of endentured servitude. You would have to work in that district to get their money back (they dont take it out of your check just your soul...but whatev

Anonymous said...

oh and wait. I gotta say I do agree. The starting own daycare idea has huge potential