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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Open House Results ...

... yesterday was open house at Emerald's school. We were all there in the "sanctuary" (= "church") listening to the principal talk IN NO AIR CONDITIONING! God, I went from eight hours putting away books to an hour and a half of no air conditioning.

There are a few problems I have with Emerald's school. One is that they don't keep up the place. There's wild grass around the perimeter of the school, certain rooms look like they're in mid-construction, and no a/c apparently. The second problem I have is the neighborhood. It's not the friendliest place in the world to have kids. Bit ghetto. Worries me a tad.

But the open house was a huge success!

When we reconvened in Emerald's classroom I overheard one of the parents say to the teacher "Well, her obvious problem is that she doesn't recognize letters." God. What a fucking dunce!

My kindergartener can sing an entire verse of the song Rock Lobster AND do the guitar parts! She can also write I Love South Park, draw her favorite characters, and then give a detailed description of her favorite episodes.

So lick my ass, you bitch parents!

When the other parents left the classroom (after only talking to the teacher 4-8 minutes TOPS) he said to me ...

"Now that the other parents are gone I can tell you that Emerald is the best kid in the class. She's basically leading the other kids."

I am so proud of my baby!

Here's audio of four year old Emerald singing "Rock Lobster!"

And here's a very strange song I made using 11 month old Isabela saying "Bababababababa" as a backbeat, plus strange samples. Strange stuff.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I really like your posts about Emerald and Isabella because I've alwasy wondered what it would be like for someone with my age and similar interests (weird) to be a parent.

Reverend Steve said...

I'd like to think I show other twentysomethings that you can have a wife and kids and not sacrifice who you are. I hope.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we have the most rockin' kid ever in the entire exsistance of humans.
Yup. Bask in the awesomeness that is our parenting skills.