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Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Whatnots ...

I'm working on something here and I need everybody's help ...

I'm trying to make a list of television shows that use the "Unrequited Romance" theme over the course of many seasons to try and gleam a few extra ratings. This happens so much and so often in so many shows that its hard to try and remember how many shows have used and abused our subconscious love of shitty romantic plotlines.

These are the ones I could think of off the top of my head ...



Caroline in the City



Gilmore Girls

The Office

I know that there are more but I can't think of any more, mainly because the whole "guy likes girl that doesn't know he likes her so he pines for her in a will-they/won't-they limbo that will last until ratings sag" plot device is so sadly standard that it's been used everywhere. The Office is the one that currently bothers me, mainly because I love the show. It's honest and real and uncomfortable and endearing, but for them to use the Jim and Pam romance to gleam ratings is just very sad and extremely overdone.

If anyone can think of any other shows that have done this, please tell me in the comments.

Now That's What I Call Jesus

Today rocked. I woke up and got Emerald ready for school. They have played the same damn episode of Maya and Miguel on PBS all f-in week! In the episode, this deaf kid (with his mom who follows him around everywhere and interprets for him?!?!?!) moves into the neighborhood, befriending the mexican Miguel.

This brings the show's total political correctness to:

one mexican family,
one asian friend,
two black friends,
one white kid WITH A HAND MISSING,
and now one deaf kid.

I swear the only way it could get any more politically correct is for there to be a new kid in school called Chief Running Water and have him ride some damn buffalo everywhere.

Meet the cast

At Mr. Perry's, I had a pretty major first. I, for the first time ever in my life, became the annoying couple with the crying baby in the restaurant! Yay me! Isabela was cranky as hell and screaming. That PLUS our young age - we were the only people there under 45 years old, and the fact that we were an interracial couple meant that we got shit service. Apparently to get any decent amount of service from Mr. Perry's you need to be white and crusty and a veteran.

So fuck Mr. Perry's, although the steak was excellent.

Then we went home and me, my wife, Isabela and the dog all took about two and a half hour nap on the same bed. It was awesome. Just what I needed.

PEOPLE THAT I MISS (in no particular order):



Stone Cold Steve Austin



Eddie Guerrero


My brother


Wallace and Ladmo

Mr. Michael

My brother's girlfriend

Jason, Col, and the Maple Room crew


There's the low down, now here's some free downloads for your punk ass ...

Red Hot Chili Peppers: C'mon Girl

Foo Fighters: Big Me

Peter Schilling: Major Tom (Coming Home)

MF Doom: Blunt Drunk

Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression

P-Diddy & Jimmy Page: Come With Me

I don't care what anybody says. I love the hell out of this song. It's almost like a mashup, Puff Daddy's raps and Led Zeppelin's kick ass guitar riffs and it even has Godzilla roaring right at the end. It's an awesome song and regardless of what everybody says I will defend this song until the day I die. So suck my big brown cock, naysayers! This song rocks.

The Streets with Pete Doherty: Pranging Out

The Beastles: Ladies Do Love Me

Pink Floyd: Speak To me/Breathe

The Beatles: Yes It Is (alternate take)

U2: One

De La Soul: You Got It


Anonymous said...

Little Gary Busey singing about Jesus? It was scary and funny, like Marisa.

I miss you too, and not just to have an approriate amount of racial diversity in my friends. Although, it is pretty damn white up here.

Anonymous said...

I miss you! Thanksgiving is coming up. You better be coming to Phoenix. :)


Reverend Steve said...

I am going to Phoenix for a few days!