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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The (Slightly Less Broke) Galindo Family ...

... about a month ago I wrote a little bit about how my wife and I received a paypal donation from a follower of Woodism. I expressed my gratitude and struggled with accepting a kind, thoughtful donation from a stranger. Sure enough, we looked at our paypal account and saw that a greatful follower of my Ed Wood religion sent us twenty bucks.

We didn't look back at the account until now.

This same follower who sent us twenty bucks at the beginning of September has been sending us twenty dollars once a week. Every week. Religiously. And we didn't even know about it until today, until right now.

I'm not sure how I feel. Honored and touched mixed with just a pinch of slightly ashamed and guilty, probably leftover from my old school catholic days.

Another thing I'm feeling is surprise that I'm kinda a big deal to some people. It's so easy for me to forget that. My days are spent opening 20-35 boxed of christmas books and breaking all known laws of physics getting them to fit. In the hustle and bustle of getting repeatedly screwed over by a corporate entity that doesn't give two fucks about me, I forget about the artcle about me in Premiere magazine and that week when the National Enquirer was calling my home phone number trying to set up an interview with me.

My religion is such a part of me and my everyday life that I tend to forget that I have what could be classified as "followers" who apparently look to me as some sort of "leader." I feel happy that people see me in this light. And I also feel shame that I've taken time out of that spotlight to be with my family.

I have a religion. I should pay more attention to that.

The Galindo family extends our deepest thanks to our very special donation girl, who is forever in our hearts and minds. Thank you!

If anyone would like to donate to the Steve Misses KFC fund, our paypal account address is

Thank you, all of you, for your continued moral support!

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Gregorio said...

dude.. i tell you what, if i ever get any real power in this town, you guys will be set. but i wouldnt hold my breath, this town is full of dicks. BUT, all the same.