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Friday, September 1, 2006

A Very Strange Aside ...

... I was hoping that after the fun time I had at the fair that I would go back to work feeling happy and joyous and altogether cool. No way. Today I went through one of the worst days I've ever had at my job. I cried twice at work. It started out quiet and boring and then out of nowhere I found myself in the middle of angry customers and phones ringing like mad and piles and piles of books to be put away and two full v-carts of stuff and to make things worse was yesterday the opener in my section hardly got anything done and the closer only spent about an hour and a half in the section ALL NIGHT, once again forcing me to do two days work of work in one day. Which is impossible.

The most intense moment happened when a man came in looking for a scratch and sniff book that I personally had put on hold for the guy two days ago. It was missing. It wasn't on hold and it wasn't in kids. I looked everywhere - thru all the holds, thru all of kids, thru the back, thru backstock, EVERYWHERE! I looked for 25 minutes for this damn thing. I was emotional and tired and upset and that made me absolutely determined to find this stupid thing.

In the middle of my search, OUT OF NOWHERE, an old friend of a friend from my high school and college days from Arizona, and from ANOTHER CITY in Arizona, too - I lived in Phoenix and she lived in Tucson and as such I only hung out with her twice or three times tops - appeared out of thin air and gave me a $25 American Express traveller's gift check, telling me to thank Marisa by taking her out for a drink "or something."

Then she disappeared.


That's both frightening and awesome and makes me smile bunches. What an awesome kindness. Someone I haven't seen in over ten years appears out of nowhere in a completely different state and drops a $25 traveller's check in my lap. Awesome!

I tried to set up a night tonight with Marisa but she's flying to Portland to spend the weekend with cool schlub Jesse. So we spent the check on some much needed food. I am eating friend chicken. I haven't eaten fried chicken in fuckin' MONTHS! Sure I'll poop fire but it'll be totally worth it.

What a cool story. This one little moment of kindness makes up for the tears of the rest of the day. Wow. The coolest things happen when you least expect it. Fuckin' awesome.

I'll be sure to same Marisa a beer and some sake, though, for when she comes back.

BTW I DID eventually find the book for the guy. Someone had pulled the book from the customer holds early and THEN tried to return it by putting it in the WRONG return box in the back. No way anybody else would have taken the 25+ minutes to find it but me. Laini paid me a sweet compliment, saying that THAT was REAL customer service. That and the random kindness really made all the tears dry.

Things just might end up being okay.

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Anonymous said...

Why would someone put the book in the return box? It should be standard practice to put the book back in the section after pulling it from holds for situations just like this one. Unless the book is some $100+ textbook.

OH, I'm giving the microphone to Marisa to give to you. Sorry about the delay.