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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Some Various Random Whatnots ...

... I now present a handy dandy guide to help you deal with my very fragile, constantly fluctuating emotional states. There are certain movies that I watch because I am feeling a certain way. So this list of movies will help you determine how I am feeling and what you should do to snap me out of it.


Man on the Moon = sad/ try to cheer up

Pink Floyd's The Wall = depressed/try to cheer up

Space Ghost Coast to Coast (any volume) = lonely/try to spend time with

Eddie Izzard's Definite Article = lonely and tired/spend time with a/o send to bed

Ed Wood's Bride of the Monster = feelings of failure/ try to cheer up a/o shove children in face

Legends of Porn = horny/have sex with

Interview with a Vampire = missing high school/feed In-n-Out and shake boobs

The Monday Night Wars = missing wrestling/put submission move on


Sacramento's KWOD 106.5 is having its yearly Twisted Christmas concert this December. The shows are always good and I always mean to go but I never do. I almost went when The Ataris were a part of it a few years back but I wasn't able to make it and that sucked.

This year their lineup includes My Chemical Overrated TeenyBop Punk Band, old friends Papa Roach, and can't fucking believe it GNARLS fuckin' BARKLEY!!!

I am trying not to get too excited over this show, though. Any regular reader of my blog knows that I haven't had too much success lately going to concerts or to even get enough money to go to the fair, so affording the $35 tickets to go see Gnarls probably isn't in my immediate future. So I'm sucking in my gut, tucking in my shirt, taking a deep breath and trying to realize that there ain't no way I'm going to go see Gnarls Barkley in concert.

No way we can afford it, especially since the crying cracker baby we were babysitting, her cracked out tweaker mom screwed us over again and yanked her from our care for NO REASON. Great Even less money for us now, less than our lessness before the lessening..

But at least this time I am realizing straight away that I cannot afford the tickets so that I don't get my hopes up. That is what always kills me, gettingall excited and geeked out just to have my hopes dashed and destroyed.

I can't go see them. I just know I can't. That sucks a bit.

I was reading some interview with the guy who plays Jim in NBC's The Office, a show that when it first came out was roundly panned by booksellers Jesse and Ian and Michael Burns but received only one glowing bookseller review from a plucky young Steve Galindo. I've been behind this show for quite some time now and on season three the world is finally catching up to me and my family and our love of this show.

Anyhoo, in the interview he was saying that unlike Jim he doesn't really play pranks on people. However, when they were filming the fitness orb scene he was supposed to pop the orb and have the air slowly leak out. And on take eight he, a million dollar shot, popped the orb directly on the SEAM which caused the whole thing to immediately pop like a damn balloon and caused actor Rainn Wilson to fall to the ground hard. Jim then leaps out of the shot because he's laughing so hard

And that's the take that they went with.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's take eight ...

Most frightening web site AND catalogue of all time: My, a company that custom created limited edition full size dolls made to look EXACTLY LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER!?!?!

Before you continue with this bit, go back to the last paragraph and click on the link to the My Twinn website. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM! And then come back and we'll talk about it, ok?

Are you back? Good.

This is some serious upper class Rosevlle/Scottsdale sort of stuff we're talking about here. I hear the waiting list is hu-u-u-u-uge for these stupid things. What's even worse is that you can buy clothes, matching clothes for your daughter AND the doll!

Just the idea of one of these in my house creeps the shit out of me.

We were send a My Twinn catalogue and we're hiding it from Emerald and Deinna and little Bela. Deinna found it and asked about it and we yelled at her. Ain't no way we're having some evil satan doppleganger doll at our fucking house.

Save it for queen Dopplepoppolis!

Here's an episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast that features "Macho Man" Randy Savage (and no, this does not mean I'm feeling lonely) ...

That's about it from Sacramento, California. Now here's some free music for your bitch ass courtesy of the Galindo Family Killing Spree ...

Jim Infantino: Cautionary Tale (State of Security)

A Familiar Blue: Living in Memories

Gnarls Barkley: Basically

Suicidal Tendencies: Send Me Your Money

dj BC: In The House Tonight

The White Stripes: Look Me Over Closely

Run DMC: Run's House

Fugazi: Joe #1

DJ Tripp: 'Till the Next Tequilla

Ben Kweller: Nothing Happening

James Brown: Super Bad

Blur: Country House

Party Ben: Wipeout Taffy


Anonymous said...

Hey, I never panned the show. I just wanted to watch the original BBC version first, is all. I was (and still am a little bit) tired of the U.S. remaking everything under the sun because they lack for ideas. Japanese horror, Mexican Indies, British comedies, Chinese action, etc. The remakes always end up to be more pale imitations. How was I to know this one wasn't? I've seen 1 1/2 episodes of the American Office in it's entirety, and I liked it. I just wasn't in a hurry to get into it right away. I still want to see the British one.

That's my favorite Space Ghost episode!

MC Chris (MC Pee Pants) is in San Francisco tonight. Details here:

Reverend Steve said...

I'd love to go see Pee Pants (Sir Loin) if I could ever afford to ever go to a concert. Ever.

Thanks for the thought, though. That's really cool of ya.