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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Crooked and Slightly Dark Halloween Photos ...

... you'll be happy to know that last night's Hallelujah Night party was a massive success.

It wasn't a church-centric Jesus night as originally expected and it wasn't a small cakewalk in a church auditorium as I had feared. It was a massive party covering their entire parking lot with games and a ton of candy and activities. It was a lot of fun and we would have stayed even longer if it hadn't had gotten cold.

Everyone loved Bela in her ape costume. And although I wasn't wearing a costume per se, I was still a got-damn pimp.

There were also a lot of people in very realistic "ignorant black people" outfits. They were very lifelike with their 50 lb. jackets and their massive hoop earrings and their shoes more expensive than my car. And occasionally you'd see the three year old girl in the ballerina costume freezing her ass off. Sad.

And Natasha and I would laugh. Because we're assholes.

As you can see, I was not wearing a Halloween costume, opting instead to look my usual pimp self. The look I think I was going for was my own mexican version of a White Hipster Tom Waits Fan From Portland costume and I think I nailed it pretty well.

Today I had a rough day. I was yelled at and laughed at by a bum, who later came to my work and threatened to kill a customer. I almost ran out of gas and, having no money, I had to tearfully ask Marisa to loan me a few bucks. The one thing I had last night's kids employee do wasn't done, leaving me to once again do the impossible all by myself, which would have been fine were it not for the plethora of angry and racist customers I had. Then the shitty ass Moody Mach Two car died on me on the hour and a half stop and go drive home and then whe I brought it up to Randal he just got angry at ME and yelled at me.

I cried over and over again today. I feel worthless like I am not a man because I cannot provide for my broke ass family. I hate myself sometimes. I really hate myself.

But memories from Halloween, cold calm memories from our fourth Halloween together, Natasha and I, those memories seem to warm me up.

Plus, the numerous Henry Weinhard's Northwest Trail beers I've been drinking also seem to be warming me up pretty well, too.

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