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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Good Day of illegal Wrestling ...

... don't know how it happened but goddamn me all to hell if I didn't have a pretty damn good day off today.

Last night me and my sick stomach stayed up until 1:45 am watching illegal wrestling dvd streams and some bootlegs of Jackass 2 and Clerks 2 I found on Dailymotion which is like YouTube but foriegn and more illegal. Then after my late night I had to wake up bright and early at six am to get Em ready for school. Bad mojo right there.

I thought for sure that my lack of sleep would make today horrible for me. But somehow everything ended up pretty awesome. I had a McDonald's breakfast, watched more illegal wrestling streams, went and fixed my glasses, spent quality time out with my wife, had an In 'N' Out lunch, got food at the store and got to play with my two beautiful daughters and my stupid ass dog.

Even the two hours doing nothing while my wife sewed didn't seem too horrible.

Today I didn't even have to use my AK. Today was a good day.

Here's some illegal wrestling dvd streams for you and your punk ass ...

The Eddie Guerrero Story (part one)

The Eddie Guerrero Story (part two)

The picture shown on the right is a photo I personally took at WWE No Way Out 2004 when my own personal wrestling hero, "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero won the World Heavyweight Championship. I am truly honored to have been there for such an historic occasion. When he died I cried. It still hurts me now to know that a person who could overcome so many hideous personal odds could die so young. This is an amazing video that everybody should watch.

Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (part one)

Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (part two)

This is a fascinating video. It brings you back to when you were a child watching WWF in the eighties and you LOVED the Ultimate Warrior. Shit, I had to pause the video halfway through so that I could put his theme music on my iPod. GOD he had the best theme music. EVER! So this video brings you back to your Warrior-loving childhood ... and then it drags that childhood love all the way back to the modern day where you suddenly realize that, sadly, the Ultimate Warrior is a crazy talentless asshole douchebag. God. They bash this guy so-o-o-o-o bad it's frightening. Sometimes you even find yourself pittying the poor wacko. There's also a little bit about his rivalry with Papa Shango. Yeah, isn't he called The Boogeyman now? (Snicker, snicker!)

The Monday Night Wars (part one)

The Monday Night Wars (part two)

There was a day, somewhere between 1997 and 2000, where if you wanted to buy yourself a wrestling shirt all you had to do was go to your nearest mall and there would be twenty different stores to choose from. Fuck, even Macy's would have shirts right in the front of the entrance. It was the pinnacle of wrestling, the period where WCW became damn close to putting WWE out of business. This documentary is damn good, my preferred drunk dvd viewing material. I dare say that even if you hate wrestling you'll still love the crap out of this.

The Rise and Fall of ECW (part one)

The Rise and Fall of ECW (part two)

Extreme Championship Wrestling was a hardcore extreme full throttle version of the tame, watered down late-nineties good guys versus bad guys WWF crap. Hardcore wouldn't have been hardcore were it not for this small indie wrestling league. Their importance cannot be stressed enough. The only way that WWF defeated WCW in the raitings was by stealing ECW wrestlers and changing their overall look and feel and writing and wrestling style to mimmic that of ECW. This uncensored video does an amazing job of showing you exactly what ECW was and how much it kicked fucking ass.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good day.

I think the pinnacle of Wrestling for me was watching the Wrestlemania (20, 25, or 30?) 5 or 6 years ago when The Rock beat Hulk Hogan for the belt. It had everybody I liked and was following in wrestling that year, including the Hurricane, Kurt Angle, and Rick Flair. I don't know if this was a good year for wrestling, but it was my year with my guys and this this event was awesome.