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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The GWA Will Change The Face Of Wrestling ...

... THIS is the Galindo Wrestling Association championship belt, being modeled by one of our talented young wrestlers.

The Galindo Wrestling Association started today on Thanksgiving. Our current GWA Champion is little fourteen month old Isabela "Lugosi" Galindo. Although she seems like an underdog, already today she has made Emerald tap out and has pinned Natasha on the couch, so she is definitely a fighting champion. Like JBL.

Here are the GWA rules ...

- a match can happen 24/7 and anybody can challenge the champion for the belt at any time. HOWEVER if you challenge and LOSE then you cannot challenge the champ again for another 24 hours.

- currently only people who RESIDE in the Galindo house are able to compete. Sorry. Eventually, however, the federation will be opened up slowly to include others, allowing the belt to travel to different houses and different champions.

- our current roster includes: Reverend Steve, Sexxxy Wife Natasha, Angry Emerald, Little Isabela Lugosi and Junkyard Joanna. In the next month our roster will be opened up to include Deinna Disaster and Manager Marisa, among others.

- I fully realize that this is going to lead to some intense physical fights between my wife and myself. I also realize that this will lead to some of the nastiest sex we'll ever have, so that totally makes up for it.

- there are actual dreams that we've talked about to one day include the ENTIRE bookstore into the GWA. But that's looking too far ahead for my taste. Besides, if Kevin wins it, who would dare challenge him? That would be gross.

- hardcore rules apply. Win by either pinfall or submission.

The GWA is ON, people! I'm excited as hell. This is like the GVWA only totally real! A match can happen anywhere! At any time! And me and my wife and all my kids, we're all so INTO this! We're all so excited!

Man, this is going to be sooooo awesome!


Anonymous said...

Isabela better watch her back. I am going to pin her ass right after boobie feeding and she will be so boobie drunk she won't be able to kick out.

I'm evil...

Reverend Steve said...

Near the end of day 2 and Bela is still holding on to the championship ...

but she has yet to defeat me!

I'm just biding my time, my friend. Biding my time.