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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Joys Of Working With My Wife ...

... I think that for her first day back Natasha should have worn THIS outfit but apparently it wasn't "work appropriate" with finger quotes around "work" and "appropriate."

God. Its always the big billion dollar corporations that are harassing women and stifling their god given rights to dress like curvaceous, big-tittied, cock sucking fuck sluts. It just boils my potato.

Anyhoo, yesterday was a rough day. I was straightening from last night, putting away cart after cart of frontlist and christmas titles, putting away the stacks of books left for me from last night, helping the customer service desk, getting ready for a massive character storytime, finishing the endcaps that should have been done yesterday and probably would have been done if my employees would actually be allowed to do their job, answering a ton of phone calls and shelving a morning cart that was almost entirely full which I finished around noon. I was worn out and tired and slightly hung over from the previous night's foodless five beer Pink Floyd The Wall viewing and on a related note my stomach was trying to jump out of my body.

But then my wife came to work and everything felt a million times better.

Here's some feeling better music, straight from the muthafuckin' wind clan ...

Beck: I Think I'm In Love

Beastles: Tripper Trouble

Format: Inches and Failing

Bob Marley: One Love

Johnny Mercer: Accentuate the Positive

Eels: Somebody Loves You

Blam Blam Blam: There Is No Depression In New Zealand

Now I'm sitting here with a big bowl of cereal and a hot cup of coffee and Natasha, Isabela and I are all watching The Muppet Movie. I'd say that this movie is in my top five, somewhere next to Sean Penn and Samantha Morton in Sweet and Lowdown which is probably fighting Ed Wood for the top position.

Emerald has seen this a handful of times and due to the fact that there are no princesses in it she only occasionally watches the whole thing. She's standing up and singing all the songs out loud despite the fact that she doesn't know any of the words, which is cute as hell. This is Isabela's first viewing and she's transfixed in between random crying fits. She's not sure what she's watching. All she knows is that she likes it.

Emerald really had a serious Muppet phase there for a while where we would buy her every video and dvd available and she's just watch them over and over and over again. I would always try to get her to watch the video with Peter Sellers and John Cleese but for some strange reason all she wanted to watch was the Harry Belafonte episode which is both beautiful and heart-slapping ...

BTW, has almost every episode of every tv show you could ever watch available for you to watch right now for free. The amount of shows in impressive. I've gotten used to seeing the same episodes of Family guy and the damn Simpsons. But this place has The Maxx, I Love the 80s, Titus, Charmed, Star Trek, Xena, Mr. Bean, Alien Nation, Mystery Science Theater, Black Adder, Gilmore Girls and my favorite - SIFL and OLLY! Check it out. This shit is tight.

That's all of that. Death to shooshers.

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