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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me and My Stomach Pain ...

... other possible titles include:

Me and My Bleeding Stomach,

Me and My Abdominal Cramps,

Me and My Talking Insides,

Me and My Stomach Monster,

Me and My White Hot Poop,

Me and My Mystery Disease,

Me and My Screaming Stomach Pain,

Me and My Angry Intestinal Monster,

Me and My Lifelong Stomach Problems,

Me and My Fucked Up Body.

I'm having myself a sick day today. My head feels like it's a water balloon and I've slept about 10 or 11 hours so far today and I've barely eaten anything all day and my head is screaming in pain with the world's biggest headache. And above all it's my stomach.

I've had stomach pain all my life. My parents, however, subscribed more to the "Suck it up, nothing's wrong, it's all in your head, stop whining so much, Stevie, and get ready for school" theory of parenting and I grew up keeping shut about my lifelong stomach problems. As such I feel extremely guilty about calling in sick. Lance really let me have it with the guilt yesterday, informing me before I left work that due to my sickness that there would be nobody in kids. That stung. And then Julia called me this morning asking me if I was coming in. Apparently Lance didn't let anybody know I had called in sick.

My doctor (I went to the doctor last year for a checkup, my first since I was about seventeen years old) told me what he thinks the problem is. But now I'm here staing at home and randomly doubled over in pain, so I'm worried it's something else entirely, something more frightening.

No real point to this post. I just want to bitch.


Anonymous said...


I have it, too. Poop almost immediately after eating anything.

Reverend Steve said...

That's what my doc says it is but I think it might be more than that. I think I might also have an ulcer or the beginning of one.

Also, I passed out last night around 9pm in my clothes. Woke up this morning to get Em ready for school. Found that I had somehow slept most of the night on my glasses, which are now broke as hell. Have to go way the fuck out somewhere to this glasses repair place.

Having a horrible day.

Reverend Steve said...

... and now my wife is sick and I'm taking care of her.