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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Wii Is Cheap ...

I usually don't do this sort of thing, this LOL sort of hipster internet video posting thing, but ... THIS IS SOOO AWESOME!!!

This is exactly how I feel about the Wii. I want to have fun, not spend six hundred fucking dollars so that I could find myself playing some boring ass technical World War II video game. Screw that. I want to have fun, not spend too much money on boring technical specifics.

LETS HAVE FUN and get some AWK up in this bitch!

Andrew WK: Not Going To Bed

Andrew WK: Slam John Against A Brick Wall

Andrew WK: Pushing Drugs

Andrew WK: One Brother


Anonymous said...

We waited like morons out in front of Best Buy all night to get a Wii. Derek and Julia slept in the car and Dave and I sat outside, cold as all hell, and talking with the other fanatics.

In a nutshell, we walked out of Best Buy with 3 Wii's, sold 2 on Ebay, and picked up a 4th at gamestop that we had preordered. We still have one left to sell.


p.s. Even if not interested you know you guys can bring your "we'll never call Gwen again because we are assholes" asses over here and play ours. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I just called you, you hussie!

I called twice. Once on the house phone and once on the cell. I guess I will just have to call you again. So you got a butt load of Wii huh?

How much did you get for them on ebay? I am not sure if we are interested because Mark (Em's father) said he may get her one for her birthday. We'll have to see.

Here I go to call you again.

Reverend Steve said...

All night?
Slept in the car?

Damn, people, I don't even think I'd do that with an Ed Wood movie. You mofos are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Crazy mofo's who can play Zelda!

Reverend Steve said...

Have fun with it. You have about a year or two to play it until Nintendo gives up on the Wii and starts work on the Wii-2, throwing Wii on the ever-growing pile of past systems they don't give a flying fuck about anymore.

Anonymous said...

Huh? What are you so bitter about, sir? The only system they tend to keep upgrading to an extent that gets frustrating is the GameBoy. If you look at the amount of games and time between systems for NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Wii, they didn't rush them

And Nintendo would have waited longer for Wii, but Sony wanted to push out PS3 and Nintendo couldn't afford to slack.

They've put 5 years between each console. What are you on about?

P.S. You can still come over and play with us. I'll even provide beer.

Reverend Steve said...

Do you have a normal controller? Or just the gay magic wand controller?

Anonymous said...

Steve, wtf is up? I'm inviting you over and I've said since my first post here that you guys can play on ours. Why are you being like this?

The controller is not gay and doesn't take long at all to adapt to.

The "normal" controller you refer to is actually the classic controller, for playing older games via virtual console (N64, SNES, NES, etc). The "gay magic wand" controller is the reason people are flocking to buy Wiis.

Have I done or said something to piss you off because you're acting like a bit of a jerk and I can't figure out why.

Reverend Steve said...

I'm not a jerk because I make fun of the Wii. Gwen, I love you. You are not the Wii. You are not cheap.

Anonymous said...

lay off revs nuts whoever you arrrr