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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Big Birthday Blowout Music Sale ...

... it's Emerald's birthday party today so we are having a massive music blowout sale! All overstocked mp3 files must go! All songs absolutely FREE! Come one come all, no crowding! It's all free!

Yup. Emerald's birthday party is today. And its really going to be a good one. I feel bad that I'm not at work, missing the big superhero storytime that I was going to do today featuring the first appearance of CAPTAIN BOOK and his PDT of JUSTICE (wait till you see the costume I made) but Emerald wants me to read stories and do a storytime at her party. Which I find to be a really big honor. Emerald wants me to do my thing at her party. I won't be hiding in the back of this party talking to Gwen and fooling around with the 55 song 2.8 hour iPod "Emerald's Birthday" playlist that, in reality, no one will give a crap about on account of Natasha's loud cracker family.

This time I will actually be a part of the party. And that's awesome. Here's a picture of Em and me at her second birthday party and the first one that I was there for ...

Awesome. Here's some music for your ass ...

Black Eyed Peas: Bebot

They Might Be Giants: Don't Lets Start

Ghostface Killah Feat. Sheek Louch: Blue Armor

The Beatles: Octopus's Garden (LOVE)

A Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebaum

Jurassic 5: Back 4 You

Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime

Jay-Z: Dirt Off Your Shoulders

The Format: Pick Me Up

The Thermals: Here's your Future

ELO: Livin Thing

Prince: Partyman

And for those of you who are keeping score, I have chosen the "Shooting Wetback Rooster" from Three Caballeros to be my costume for Emerald's Disney costume party. And by "chosen" I actually mean that I will be wearing a cheap ass Party America brand sombrero and carrying around Emerald's broken guitar from last year and wearing a red Hulk Hogan shirt because that's the only thing I own that's red.

And Natasha will be some purple ass Disney Fairy chick. Bess, I believe.

There will be pictures later. Wish us luck. Hope you like all the music. Here's a link to some sweet christmas super fudgy funtime:

Charlie Brown part one/part two

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johnmc. said...

Sounds awesome. Shame that my work schedule's been screwed around so much by CowOrkers and their babies> I'll get the scoop from Marisa later (and Patrick's 5 year old version of it).