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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Captain Book, the Arden Barnes and Noble's Newest Superhero ...

... I created the outfit myself out of a whim. The muscles come from an old Batman costume that Michael Burns brought to work to give away. I took it, thinking I could do something with it during superhero storytime a week later. I was at first going to just wear the muscles during storytime but then I had the idea to come out in some sort of superhero costume. I spent about half a work day going through our craft closet and wandering around the store looking for bits and pieces and ideas and that's how Captain Book and his PDT of justice was born.

My plans to BE Captain Book, however, were squashed. See, I KNEW that superhero storytime was on the 9th and I also KNEW that my daughter's birthday was on the 9th. It was when those two finally came together a few days before the 9th that I scrambled to find somebody to fill Captain Book's shoes, eventually finding Kenton, a new hire who is a frighteningly good sport about everything. I can't believe I found enough fabric around the store to make his cape and I absolutely love his oversized eye mask. Somehow it reminds me of Forbush Man, an old Marvel superhero joke that nobody but me remembers. There's a insignia on Captain Book's chest which is an actual book that opens up and says his name. Awesome. He has super strength which he uses to pick up super heavy books and he has super speed which he uses to give people books super fast. And, this is the best part ... his arch enemy is the evil and sinister Dr. Borders, who tries to get kids not to read by giving them dvds and music and coffee. I was going to give his archenemy another name but that would have gotten me in a lot of trouble with corporate. Another Barnes and Noble close by would have been pissed, too, so he's just Dr. Borders.

Captain Book was a success and the kids loved him and took pictures. Me being the jealous type, I've already gotten the kids at storytime excited about next month's appearance of Captain Book's latin cousin SENIOR BOOK who looks a lot like me except he doesn't wear glasses and I do. I might even throw a costume together and have Senior Book attacked by the evil Dr. Borders, have the two of them fight it out.

There's a small chance that I'm taking this too far.

But the kids get a kick out of it, so everything's okay. Right?

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Anonymous said...

I'm normally never up for that type of thing, but I would've loved to be Dr. Borders.

"There are no special features on your stupid books! I'll just wait until they're movies! Reading is for the birds, and books are for nerds!

Latte mocha-frappacino blast!"