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Friday, December 29, 2006

Galindo Twilight - Part Four ...


"It said fertilizer."

"Fertilizer? What the fuck? Why would it say fertilizer?"

Natasha was drinking her now cold coffee, anything to stay awake. She was sitting in a tall booth in dive bar at 8:36 in the morning. There was an early Beatles song playing on an old jukebox, and the only other patorns in the bar were listening to it; a Mexican boy sitting on a stool and some old dude who was translating the song into Spanish for him.

Across from her was a slim bald man in his late thirties. He was wearing hipster-type Buddy Holly glasses. He came across as young without actually looking it. He was cradling his own coffee mug with both hands as he listened to her story. He was also
David Cross.

"How the FUCK should I know?" she snapped at him.

"Hey, take it easy. I'm just weirded out by this," he said. "Go on with the story."

"OK, so I'm in this crazy fucking garden or whatever, and when creepy neighbor guy moves out of the way, there's this sign and it fucking says 'fertilizer'. At that point, I thought that there was no way I wasn't going to punch this guy again, but I had Isabella in my arms and I couldn't just..."

"You DID have Isabella in your arms, now you had some kind of furry thing," said David Cross.

"What did you fucking call my daughter?" she said.

"Look, I'm just saying that she wasn't your daughter anymore."

Natasha glared at the counter-culture comedian with crosshairs forged in the logicless space that all mothers gather their hate and ire from.

"Aw hell no, you didn't just say she wasn't my daughter!"

"No,'re..." he stammered.

She put her hand up, interrupting.

"I don't care what she looked like or fucking transformed into, she was still my little shithead."

No one said anything for a minute and the bored bartender came by and asked if they wanted some eggs or something, because he could cook them up, no problem, as he put it. They both declined, but asked for some coffee that hopefully wasn't as cold. Both of them started laughing; they couldn't help it. Natasha was exhausted, and David Cross was delirious. It was probably something he took. He tried to get the story
going again.

"So, it said 'fertilizer'?"

"Yeah. We couldn't help it, you know? We had to look down into it. At first I couldn't see anything, just the dirt in the hole and pitch black below. Then I
could start to see Steve."

"Who's Steve? he asked.

"My husband," she replied. "I could see his outline, and it looked like he was lying down. Like he fucking fell or something. But it didn't look like that. He was almost peaceful, lying with his arms crossed, and his eyes closed. That scared the shit out of me, until I saw the flowers."

"Fucking flowers were growing out of him. Out of his eyes, his mouth, and even breaking through his skin. I never scream, but I screamed here." she said.

"Mothers make gardens, fathers make seed. Brothers till earth, but daughters will feed."

David Cross says "What?"

"That's what furry Isabella said to me." said Natasha.

David Cross just sat there, a statue. Then he asked what happened next.

"I'll tell you what happened next," said a new voice, just entering the bar.

They looked up, even the mexican boy who got a wink from this beautiful girl who was striding in. She sat down at the booth and hugged Natasha. Tears were already coming down her face. The girl was about twenty and her name was Emerald.

Even David Cross could tell that they were related.

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