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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Galindo Twilight - Part Three ...


"Come out to the garden" The neighbor slid off of the couch and lurched through his cluttered den and to the sliding glass door which led to the back yard. As he was about to slide open the door, he turned towards Natasha, "This isn't my fault… but it's pretty damn funny."

After a bit of struggle, the glass door grated across its rusty track, and the neighbor loped over the threshold, Natasha and Bela right behind. She had expected, stepping outside, that the day would've begun to warm, the sun rising in the morning sky, but to her surprise, it was even darker out than it had been when she had stalked to the neighbor's house, in fact, the full moon had sneakily crept back up into the night sky, and the air had grown bone cold. The neighbor didn't notice, but Bela squirmed in Natasha's arms. She took her daughter by the waist and lifted her before her eyes to tell her it was going to be okay, but her gaze fell upon a creature totally unlike her daughter. Bela had sprouted coarse hair all over her tiny baby body and her eyes had turned a golden yellow.

The shock of her transformation almost caused Natasha to drop her child, and in fact, she would have, but the child quickly clutched onto her mother's shoulders with strong, clawed hands, and scrambled onto her back. "Relax, mother, I won't bite you/ I'll ride on your back, that's what I'll do" she hissed.

Natasha grabbed the neighbor by the arm and whipped his grinning face around, "What have you done to my family?"

A giggle escaped from his creepy face, his single tooth waggled in his gums, "My lady, I have done nothing… I'm afraid, however, that this all may be a side effect of my experiments." A series of laughs like machine gun fire, all inhaled. "Follow me to the garden."

In the dim blue light of the full moon, she followed his limping walk around a massive oak tree (How was his backyard so big?!) and behind a rusty, dirty shed, the man's garden spread into view.

Tangled vines and stems stretched to the horizon, the fence to Natasha's house was nowhere to be seen, in fact, her house had seemed to disappear, all there remained was this garden, this giant, sprawling garden. The plants all shimmered in the moonlight, sparkles lighting here and there amongst the plants. Throughout the garden were various holes, big holes, holes that a full size man could slide down, and beside those holes were makeshift signs, pieces of old driftwood nailed to thick tree stumps. Each of the signs were hand painted in black, messy letters. The nearest sign read "Social Conservatives", and the one behind it read, "Tiny, Enclosed Spaces," both things that sent chills down Natasha's spine.

Her manimal-daughter leaned over her back, "Now mother, please don't be afraid / For certain, our family, here is laid."

"Now, hold on to your pants, because this is where it gets good," and the neighbor stepped back, revealing the hole behind him, and a sign, the word printed on it froze Natasha in her tracks.

Part four in our epic saga coming tomorrow night-ish ...

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