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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I.Q. Doctor Space Wiser Super Robot ...

... Emerald goes to my step-parent's church sometimes. Ther are a LOT of chinese and korean people who go to that church. So when they decided to give Em and her cousin Deinna a christmas gift they went and bought them the funniest, shittiest, coolest robot toy ever made.

His name is the I.Q. Doctor Space Wiser Super Robot and he shoots discs at you and teaches you how to dance, all in hard to decipher, very broken english. The warning on the front of the box reads "Infrared Ray Function Caution: To operate it at its best, the controller should be aiming at the receiver at the robot's head." This warning is all over the box, over and over again.

Here's how it works:

"Push the switch to on, the power is on, then press the start button on upper body of robot to enter into sound function practice and before its sound's ending any functions'operating is ineffective.The Robots eyes will shine during all operation.The system keeps awaiting if you wont operate it in a while. Push the switch to off, the power is off ."

This thing is so fucking awesome! Who needs a Wii or anything from my christmas list for that matter when I can play with a dancing robot with no sense of the english language who is some sort of doctor.

This robot is available right now at eBay india for 475 Rs, whatever THEY are. However I should note that the picture above is the I.Q. Master Space Wiser Super Robot, which claims to be version II but as far as I can tell is the exact same thing as the I.Q Doctor Space Wiser Super Robot but with a few more bits colored. Just being specific.

Here's some free music for your space wiser super robot ass ...

Helix: Rock You

Ra: Don't Turn Away

The Thermals: Here's Your Future

Jay-Z: Dirt Off Your Shoulders

The Beatles: Julia

Tenacious D: The Government Totally Sucks

Ra: You Need Me

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: The Longest Time (live)

John Lennon: Watching the Wheels

John Lennon: Mind Games

The Bees (U.S.): I Love You

The Dears: There Goes My Outfit

Party Ben: Never Feel Good

Stay tuned for part THREE of Galindo Twilight, premiering sometime tonight-ish ...

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Anonymous said...

I almost never laugh out loud. If I do, I'm usually faking it. This post made me do it for real.

Something else that made me laugh:

"I'm an old gold tooth, and I'll tell you the truth. I live in the mouth of my hooooooomie!"