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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Steve Galindo: Unprofessional Professional Journalist ...

... I attended Arizona State University for, well, let's just say many years. And for one whole year of my time there I somehow managed to become a paid member of the State Press, the ASU campus newspaper. I was hired on as an editorialists. I tried to take it all seriously. I liked to write my little collums in the bullpen, too, be there amongst the newsmaking and the yelling and the chaos. But I soon realized that since all I did was write little editorials I wasn't seen as a "real" journalist by all the high headed, upper class, stick-up-the-ass news people they got down there in Arizona State. It was then that I said fuck it and started writing the shit that I thought was funny. I got a little cult following and managed to get hired on for a second semester but I didn't last long after that.

My first piece of controversy was a call for all students to drop out. A lot of professors didn't care too much for that.

I then apologized for the sinking of the Titanic and was accused of making light of the Titanic disaster, which was absolutely true.

I then discussed the positive aspects of Barbie for president.

The collumn that I was the most proud of was the one I wrote about the girl selling flowers on the street corner during valentine's day. I felt I could have won an award for that one if the white bitches running the newspaper actually gave a shit about me.

Strangely enough, two of my best collumns are missing from the school's databanks. One is about my father's failed attempt at running the New York City marathon when I was a child. It was written really well and succeeded in making my father cry when he read it.

The second one that's missing I don't think is simply a mistake on the webmaster's part - it was a highly controversial article I wrote ON ELECTION DAY 2000 where, amongst all the high class intellectual republican editorials about the purity and seriousness of election day and the election process, I wrote a piece about how the presidential election was a bunch of bullshit and how both candidates were corrupt mindless assholes and as a protest I urged all like minded individuals to write in Mike the Headless Chicken on their ballots.

I pissed off people. A LOT of people. And now there's no record of the article existing, except for on my old dusty book shelves. I don't think it's a coincidence that my most controversial collumn is now suddenly absent from the archives. I think it's been erased!

Anyhoo, I couldn't sleep and googled myself. Twice, actually. And when I cleaned myself off I decided to search for my name on Yahoo and found these old ass articles from Arizona College Steve. hope you like them. I think they're pretty good. Let me know what you think ...

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