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Monday, December 4, 2006

We Have Another NEW GWA Champion ...

... the Galindo Wrestling Association had without a doubt its most grueling wrestling match, an intense twenty five minute hardcore bedroom match that saw the new GWA champion Sexxy Natasha defending her title against scrappy little former champion Emerald Galindo. It was an amazing match in which Emerald pulled out all the stops, using a dazzling array of arial moves to repeatedly jump from the bed to the beanbag to try and wear down the champ.

Natasha tried to use her strength to her advantage, repeatedly bodyslamming Emerald into the bed and throwing her from the bed face first into the beanbag. A few times, Emerald's head slammed into the wall. A few bumps and bruises however didn't slow her and eventually she managed to get on top of Emerald in a way where Natasha LITERALLY couldn't move and Emerald managed to get a clean three count.

Emerald has retained the gold and has now becomes a two time GWA champion!

We are extremely proud of our little Emerald. What was thought up over a few beers as being a cool, funny thing for our family to do is turning into something that is having a positive effect on our oldest daughter. It's pretty incredible to see her take the bumps and falls that she took and still stand up and keep fighting. And its incredible to think that after a longthy day at school that she could bust her ass in an almost half hour long hardcore match. That's incredible. She deserves that title around her belt.

Bu-u-u-ut ...

Emerald's birthday party is on the 9th. Her actual birthday, though, is on the 20th. And sometime between the 20th and X-mas ...

... expect the gold to finally come home!

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