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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Galindo Twilight - Part Six ...

[Randall Burkitt]

Forever running Bela searches in vain for a way out, and at the same time she runs from what she fears most. In front of her come whispers of a return to normal and her mother, if she can find the way out.

Behind her, Bela hears the hissing words that fill her with dread.

"This is all Creepy Neighbor's fault, he brought me an Momma into his garden and next thing I know I'm this hairy little freak and my Mom's gone." Bela breathes into the empty air. With the hissing getting closer Bela sets off again at a more rapid pace. Ahead of her she spies a glimpse of fluttering cloths and rushes in that direction. Believing the image to be her Mother, Bela heedlessly bursts through a tangle of giant grape vines to find herself trapped, helpless, and surrounded. The image was not her Mom, it was an illusion to draw Bela closer to the heart of the garden where, after looking around she saw the plants were not completely plants but weird vege-hybrids of her family, friends, and neighbors, all except one, Creepy Neighbor. Bela despaired, thinking there was nothing she could do, then, glancing down remembered.

She was a hariy little freak with claws and teeth like some animal. She promptly tore into the plant people and shredded them till nothing was left but vines hanging limp and useless and yelleowish-green gore that passed for the creatures blood and life blood. Panting and worn out yet thankful she destroyed the garden of plant-people, Bela collapsed on the ground.

At just that moment the creature that had been chasing Bela burst into the gardens heart. Bela clawed her way backward inch by inch with a mouth open in a silent

Finally when Bela was past the shock and had breath in her lungs she let out a scream that could be heard in the outside world and would cause several sleeping children to have nightmares the rest of their days. Creeping up on her was a creature Bela feared
more then life itself.....

A Natasha with breast reduction....

Part Seven coming sometime tomorrow-ish ...

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