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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hate The Beatles ...

To tell you the truth, I was expecting more from the self-professed Beatles mashsup album Love.

Call me crazy but I thought that the mashing up of various Beatles components into an official Beatles mashup was going to differ more from the original songs. I thought it was going to be bolder, fresher, more original. But for the most part the album seems to be nothing more than the Beatles Anthology sparringly mashed up (usually only in the beginning, middle and/or end) with random parts of other songs. I was expecting a massive movement towards mashup music a la Dean Gray and not the somewhat disappointing outcome, which is simply Beatles songs that sound slightly different.

The last mash up album I ever got excited about would have to be either Q-Unit or The Beastles. There were two fairly decent mashup albums released at the end of last year, one for Christmas that had some real gems hidden amongst piles of crap, and one for Halloween that really kicked ass.

But it seems like hella long since I've really gotten into a mashup album.

See? A problem with the new Beatles album? A problem with wanting a new mashup album? See where this is going?

There's a new mashup album that has just been released and its all that Love should have been. It's called Hate and it takes your precious idols The Beatles and destroys their most beloved songs, but in a good way. All the songs have a moody electronic horror film Ed Wood-meets-Freddy Kruger vibe to them and that's awesome. The titles are crappy but simple. The songs are what I had expected Love to sound like back in May of oh-6ix when I first heard about it.

Here's a collection of the best tracks for your listening pleasure. Check it out. It's now officially okay to Hate The Beatles ...

Download the entire album here!

Intro / Revolution 23

Drive My War

Day Reaper

From Me To Whom?

Bomb Together

I'm Nuking Through You

Lovely Retard


War Fields Forever

... and, in no way related to the rest of this post, here is a really kick ass episode of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist that features the line "Ben, please pass the pe-e-e-e-e-e-eas!"

This line is fucking hillarious. In the past four days my wife and I have probably replayed that line somewhere around 40 times. For some reason we think that this one specific line and the way its said is the funniest thing EVER! If we ever want to make each other laugh, all we need to do is say that line to each other and we instantly crack up.

And seeing as how my brain is in pain and is telling me to hurt myself, i need all the laughs I can get.

Here's the ep for you ...

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