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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEWEST Favorite Song of the Galindo Family ...

... it's a kick ass strange gypsy folk sing along called Eleven Saints by crazy folk punk genius Jason Webley. This man is a genius. I look at him as Tom Waits for non-intellectuals, not that his music is for dumb people. His music is complex and strange and beautiful and I've been all about him lately, just an hour ago succeeding in turning "Eleven Saints" into THE oft-repeated manic song that is now playing non-stop in the Galindo household.

Here's the deal with Jason Webley ... he claims to be some sort of monster or spirit or something, I'm not quite sure, and he apparently dies every Halloween only to be born again in the spring on May Day. Seriously. Well, he USED to die every Halloween but at a concert in 2005 he said that he didn't want to live and die anymore with the seasons and that year he did not die. But he's still some sort of werewolf or monster or something and he has a deep, deathly fixation with the number 11 and with tomatoes.


To quote a bit of the movie Roadhouse, this guy can be my new saturday night thing!

When I first heard the song "Eleven Saints" I KNEW that it could be the next Galindo musical obsession. But I just quietly slipped it into the iPod rotation and bided my time. My time was an hour or two ago coming back from Ikea during rush hour. We were listening to my iPod and the song came on and it just clicked. We listened to it over and over again and not only were Natasha and I singing it like mad crazy time but even Emerald and Deinna were rocking out to it. We listened to it probably 10-15 times on the ride home. It never got old.

When we dropped off Deinna she said, "I love that song, Uncle Steve! It's my new favorite song! It's mexican, right?" I laughed and said yes, although I vaguely suspect it's jewish (because of the unleavened bread part).

So this is what I want you to do ... download the song and just let it quietly slip into your iPod rotation and in a few days it will stick like gorilla glue right to your liver. I have dreams of me and my wife naked and drunk in the kitchen dancing and singing this song. I mean, right now she's in the kitchen making dinner and shaking her sexxxy tits and talking on the phone with Sheda and humming this song.

Hell yeah, suckafoos!

This is the IT song for our family now.

And it should be YOUR song, too.

If I haven't won you over yet, just watch the video for the song and let the mind drilling begin ...

... and here's some more crazy mellow sad drinking punk folk music for your punk ass, courtesy of the muthafukking Wind Clan. All y'all Tom Waits fans out there should go through this man's catalogue like shit thru geese ...

Dance While the Sky Crashes Down

The Drinking Song


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