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Monday, January 1, 2007

Tired and Depressed ...

... having a rought time of things lately. And the pills aren't doing anything other than make me dizzy and high. I think they're making me even more depressed. I'm sad and I feel isolated and alone all the time and I have occasional bursts of extreme anger that so far I've done a great job of keeping inside myself.

Having Nerf fights and drinking canadian beer and playing numerous hours of Guitar Hero helped get my mind on things. But now that I'm back I know I should get in the new year spirit and try to see things differently and in a fresh new light. But nothing's different. Everything's the same. Tomorrow I'm going to go to work and bust my ass and the only people who will care will be the kids at storytime who laugh at me.

This is usually where I try to end the post with some funny ending. But I can't really think of anything. My shoulders feel like they're on fire and I'm losing my voice. That sucks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling so crappy, Steve.

Heads up though. Julia and Derek have been vomiting tonight. Julia threw up all over the back of my car a few hours ago and has thrown up a few times since. Derek just puked for the first time. This is going to be a great night.

Hope you guys don't get this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk. I'd say to blame it on the winter weather, but it's probably nice & sunny all the time out there.

When I get in a funk like that, I take it as a wake up call that I need something new to shake things up. Maybe you should do a podcast of Woodian sermons!

And if it helps cheer you up at all, I love reading your posts. Even though I don't know you as anything but "that guy who runs the Church of Ed Wood", it's still neat to hear about all the fun you guys have as a family.

Hope you feel better soon!