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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Definitely In My Top 5 WORST Moments Of My Life ...

... for the past week or two, Emerald's been sick. On and off sick. She'll feel fine, she'll have a fever, she'll feel okay, her stomach will hurt, she'll be coughing, she'll be fine. So we got her some medicine. But it made her sick and she vomited. So no medicine for her, but then she just got even more sick. Then she got better but in a day or two she just got sick again. We had very little money and hardly any gas so we had Natasha's brother Randal get some medicine for Emerald, for FIVE YEAR OLD Emerald. Fucker brought ADULT NIQUIL!!! For a five year old little girl! We gave her hardly any and we even watered it down and mixed it with other stuff, but she was frightened from the vomiting incident and when we finally got her to take it, she would just spit it out and cry. So, again, no medicine. AND she's gunshy about medicine.

That brings us up to speed.

She stayed home sick yesterday. This morning she seemed fine and she went to school. When we picked her up she was shaking from being cold and she was coughing and she was cranky and tired. She looked horrible. It was obvious even to Ray Charles that she was sick. So, even though we have NO MONEY WHATSOEVER we stopped by the store and bought nice new kids bubblegum flavored medicine. But gunshy Em refused to take it. She started crying, hyperventillating, tears running down her face, screaming. She was too scared. She didn't want to get sick again. We told her it was bubblegum. We told her it was pink. We told her it was super pink princess medicine. We even let her have a little taste. AND SHE LIKED THE TASTE! But when it was time for her to take it, again, tears and cries and kicking and screaming. We begged, we pleaded, we tried tricking her, we got angry, we threatened to take away her DS, her room, her toys, her room, we even threatened to put her in diapers and make her sleep in the crib because she was being a baby - and the baby took the medicine BETTER than Em did. We tried everything.

We threatened to spank her, we tried reasoning with her, we tried laughing and joking with her, we tried putting her arm around her and having touching talks about being five years old and growing up and being a big sister. We brought in her uncles and even her nana to try and coax her into taking her medicine. I literally mean it when I say that we tried everything, every damn thing we could think of. Everything. Natasha and I tried everything. Natasha and I worked out a pretty good cop/bad cop routine together and I'm pretty sure we could have gotten a confession from the Ramsey family about JonBenet's killing, we were so damn good, but Emerald wouldn't crack. She just refused to take it. Even though she liked how it tasted, she refused to take it. There was yelling. There was angry tempers in the house and I was definitely one of them.

This went on for about three hours. Three whole hours. Three. Fucking. Hours.

Needless to say, things got ugly.

We eventually had to hold her down, forcefully hold her down on the kitchen floor as she kicked and screamed like we were beating her. I'm surprised the cops weren't called from the horrible bloody murder super Emerald freakout she was having. I mean full on death shriek. If someone ever tries to stab her and set her on fire and then kill her dog, she would most likely make the same damn noise she made when we held her down. And she was struggling so much that she ended up with red marks and bruises and a twisted arm LIKE we had just beaten the crap out of her. I will always remember her screaming and struggling and the look on her face like we were abusing her and the look on little Bela's face, the confusion and fear.

And to make matters worse is that once she took the medicine she realized that THAT was the medicine she liked. Which is what we had told her three hours before.

Natasha went to the store with Lauren, half to get food and coffee and half to get the fuck out of this grim ass house. Can't say that I blame her. I feel like I just kicked Mattie Stepaneck in the balls and then injected him with super AIDS, I feel so fucking bad.

I am currently drinking a Sprite and Vodka on the rocks with a pinch of sugar or, as I now call it, a Stepanek.

You KNOW you're depressed when you don't want to watch NBC Thursdays. I don't know if I'm gonna make it to E.R. but I'll try.


Anonymous said...

That sounds rough. Paul Reubens is on 30 Rock if it's any consolation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, guys. It's awful when the massive drama fest happens over something that should be simple.

Hope she's feeling better...