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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Frightening Awesomeness Of The KCRA 3 Crime Tracker ...

... the KCRA News Channel 3 crime tracker can track the most recent criminal activity for any Sacramento area. It's awesome and frightening and cool. I visited it today to try and figure out why there were seven police cars and two motorcycle cops arresting six people outside my work this afternoon. Still, after scouring the news and various crappy Sacramento news websites, I found absolutel nothing. But I DID find this.

THIS is crime tracker for the neighborhood where my work is. Click on whatever little peg you see on the map and it will pop up the most recent crimes reported from the past three months or something. The list's size is impressive ...

Neat, huh? Commercial sex. Someone was arrested for commercial sex. Wow. I can now admit ... that was me. The incident involved Sema and a package of cream cheese and I'd rather not talk about it.

I have a whopping shitload to post about. Like, how did today's big Captain Book storytime go and why am I so depressed and what was the name of the organization that accosted me outside of the Albertson's today, an organization I thought I'd never see again?That last one was true, by the way. Never thought I'd see THOSE bastards again.

But I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm drinking and I'm still tired. So no big post tonight. You'll just have to wait your ass. Maybe tomorrow. I have tomorrow off, so if Emerald can tear herself away from me for more then five minutes, I might be able to post something a bit more meaningful.

BTW, Marisa, do you remember the fingerprinting bitches? Well guess who accosted me today? Yeah! They're back!!!

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Marisa said...

Don't worry, now that I'm a manager, I can convince everyone to keep them the hell out of our store.

(You are talking about those "Safety Girls" who were actually selling things and flirting with single dads instead of fingerprinting kids in the store, right? Because I hate them.)