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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Only Blog Post On The Internet About Los Apsons ...

... the only way you could ever have heard of Mexico's Los Apsons is by either being from Mexico or being Mexican. They were huge in Mexico, sometimes being called the Mexican Beatles, but nobody in America knows who they are and that's a damn shame. They're music is an amazing anomaly that I really dig and, hell, I don't even know any spanish!

Their music can't be legal, by the way.

Los Apsons were a band from the sixties that gained a popular cult following in Mexico by straight stealing the beats from popular American music and rewriting the lyrics in spanish. They get a popular Beatles song, write their own love song in spanish and just plop it right on top of the Beatles beat. They did that all through the sixties. They get a Rolling Stones song, throw out the lyrics and add in their own words and BOOM, they got themselves a hit song. Like I said, there's no way that this could be legal but since this is a relatively unknown band here in the U.S. their music has somehow slipped through the cracks. Nobody cares about copyright infringement if the infringement isn't popular and hardly anybody knows about Los Apsons 'round here.

I grew up with Los Apsons. I grew up with parents who drank a lot. Every friday and saturday night was filled with steaks on the grill and cigar smoking and Sabado Gigante on the television. It was late weeknights of drinking and dancing and partying and embracing life and the music would always end up being Los Apsons. In my mind they were right up there with The Beatles in terms of popularity. It was only much later when I grew up and got older that I realized that nobody knows who the hell Los Apsons are.

And that's a damn shame.

Because I'm so fucking great, here are a few kick ass tracks from Los Aposns from the 1960s. They are ALL "based" (meaning stolen) from popular American songs of the time.

The first one is a Beatles song and the second one is a Rolling Stones song. I'm not telling you the rest. You're on your own with those ones.

Enjoy, gringos ...

Y La Quiero


Fue En Un Cafe

Becho Becho

Susie Q

Getting off topic here, I heard the song "It Don't Come Easy" four times today. I heard it on my iPod on the way to work and, for hideously unknown reasons, I heard it over the strange store radio. THREE TIMES!?!?! Nick and I were starting to think that Ringo had died, they played that song so damn much. So, after talking with Nick about the song's repeated play, I promised him that I'd post my rare version of Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy" sung by George Harrison instead of Ringo. So, here you go, a rare request here at H.T.A.T.B.A.M. so I hope you like it ...

George Harrison: It Don't Come Easy

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