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Monday, February 12, 2007

Reverend Steve Galindo Explains The (somewhat frightening) History Of Hip Hop Music ...

... if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am a hardcore rapper from the streets. After all, my peeps on the streets DO call me Early Bedtyme and once I get my rap album moving forward then everyone is going to jump on my jock and ride that all the way to funkytown.

That's right. Funkytown.

Anyhoo, as a hardcore gangsta from the streets I know all about the history of hip hop. I live, breathe, eat and shit phat ass gangsta rhymes. I am like the Hellen Keller's Teacher of hip hop music.

So, as a pubic service announcement, I have taped a strange, bizarre, somewhat frightening look at the history of hip hop music and in particular the trails that were blazed by the band N.W.A.

It's the history of hip hop music, as told by a somewhat manic, slightly drunk Steve Galindo. Don't be afraid. You'll like it ...

Just to be official here and set the record straight ... my wife does NOT think that video I made is funny. She hasn't straight out "said" she doesn't like it. It's all in her eyes when I play it or I even mention it. She doesn't like it. I, however, think it's hillarious.

"Brain damage on the mic don't manage?" WTF?!?!

And, in case you're confused, here's the original ...


Anonymous said...

I never said, with my mouth, eyes, or any other part of my body, that I didn't like it.

I was just wondering why you had to make it a video? I mean wouldn't a nice audio track have been fine? Not that the video doesn't do the trick, but it makes me dizzy. And I think it may make others dizzy too.

Whateva' I love you and you know it.

Marisa said...

That was awesome, and reminiscent of both Hugh Laurie as House and Steve Carell as Michael Scott.

Marisa approves.